Boys on the boat!

Mum has had to fly back to Nice this afternoon because she has to work tomorrow, but I’m still here in Rome on the boat with dad! Hooorah!

Guy time!

Let me tell you it’s long overdue too. We love her (when she’s good) but she really can be a pain in the scratchy bit behind your ear sometimes. There’s so much glitter all over the boat still from Christmas (after hoovering twice now) that it kind of feels like she’s still here anyway. She’s only gone for one day, as she’s hoping to catch the flight back after she finishes work tomorrow evening. It’s quite a tight schedule though, so time will tell if she makes it. We’re not to worried about it. We’ll not have time to miss her because we’ve got lots of boy stuff that needs attending to.

I’m currently browsing our new copy of the boat galley cookbook. It was my gift to Nocturne for Christmas. It’s pawesome! There’s so many great recipes and tips in it, and it was written by two lovely cruiser ladies that really know their stuff. I can’t wait until dad fixes the oven so we can try them all out. Theres hundreds of yummy things to make and bake. I vote for the fishy things first! I’m usually quite happy with my Science Plan cat biscuits but I’m a worldly feline and like to try everything.

It’s a beautiful day here, I’ve been enjoying the sunshine.

Bisous Bailey






  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Delightful! It’s great that nobody gets seasick. 😀
    Have a great life sailing wherever your dreams may lead! 😀


  2. I’m sure your Mommy will miss you….even if you guys don’t miss her!


  3. Send some sunshine my way Bailey… 🙂


  4. Check for a recipe with kidney beans, lol!


  5. You iz such a good kitteh to buy a giftie fer da Hu’Manz n da Nocturne boat….me iz in pawe of you wheneber me readz yer blog!! Me can’t imagine livin on a boat n likin it!!!
    Me Mum waz away fer 3 dayz n me missed her alot eben wif da kittehsitter…
    It iz guud to hab her home wif me (where she belongz!!!!) 😉
    Hope you enjoyed yer guy time wif Dad…
    Lub Nylablue..


  6. Shame she had to go back to work. Work really gets in the way doesn’t it? Hope you all have a great New Years celebration.


  7. Hi Bailey! What a great pressie to give Nocturne…..that cookbook will come in handy! I’m sure your Mom wasn’t happy having to leave you guys on the boat alone BUT I’m also sure that you’re enjoying “guy time” with your Dad. Two boys hanging out on a beautiful sailboat – nothing wrong with that!!! Happy Holidays continue……

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Thank you Sammy I was quite chuffed with myself for such a good idea…. Dad was surprised that I got presents for everyone, because he’s still learning how cool having pets can be. But I saved up my kitty fur money all year and I’m so happy I did because everyone loved my presents! Bisous Bailey


  8. I bet there are plenty of yummy recipes in there!


  9. Glad you like the book! You made my day!


  10. That’s a good fitting book!


  11. Pawsome, Bailey the Boat Cook 🙂


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