Duvet day

It’s a really grey and miserable day today and so once mum got back we decided to have a duvet day. Apparently for most humans, it means they snuggle up under the duvet and watch films and things. For me this means I stay on top, and play with the funny monster that lives beneath it…




I’ve caught the monster lots of times today and I think it’s finally given up for the day. It really is a great game and the best way to pass a bad weather day!

Bisous Bailey


  1. It’s the best game ever. Sounds like a wonderful day.


  2. you entertain your readers as well as you do yourself. You are a fun cat!


  3. Hi Bailey! Gray, miserable days are purrrrrfect for a bit of duvet tag with Mom as the “mouse” and Bailey as the conquering hero!! Enjoy your duvet day…..sounds cozy!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy


  4. Have a good duvet day. Anything that moves under the covers is worth a pounce.


  5. When my kitty catches the monster underneath Jen yells. Why is that?


  6. enjoy your day bailey!


  7. good job Bailey, get that duvet monster!!


  8. Bailey, you brighten my day


  9. You haz grey dayz over dere??
    W have had zo many here wif da Winter…
    Me triez to get Mum into bed but she iz alwayz buzy on da PC or goin out…hrrmmpphh….any ideaz how me can lure her into our bed?? 😉
    Paw Patz Nylablue xoxo


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