Furry monster!

I’m home sweet home with mum!

I’m really happy she’s back because I’ve had extra treats. I couldn’t wait to race out of the parking lot and up the stairs to see the turtles!




Then I had a brush because it’s been 33 degrees here in Nice today and I’m hot. Mum says it’s because I’m a furry monster! I’m not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not!


It feels really nice to get all the excess fur out.



We didn’t manage quite as much fur as we did for dad’s present…


… but that did take lots of brushing sessions to collect it all! I was so proud of my tray even if dad didn’t appreciate it!

Bisous Bailey


  1. Did your turtles miss you as much as you missed them? We’ve never been to cat camp, but we’re sure it is good to get home if you can’t be on Nocturne. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


  2. Well you do look anxious to check on your turtles – I’m sure they missed you!! Looks like you have enough fur for at the very least a lovely “Bailey Pillow” !!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  3. I bet it is good to get all that fur out, Bailey! At least you don’t have long hair- my mom has to shave two of her kitties, Shelby and Bill, or they can’t deal with summer heat. It makes them look like grumpy little lions.


  4. I like for Motor Mommy to brush me on my back and head, but NOT my tummy! It tickles!
    Purrs, Sundae
    PS Glad you’re back home with your Mom!


  5. Siamese kitties have so much energy and personality!!


  6. Bailey, you are so well-behaved on your leash and during your brushing. My Daisy and Finch could learn a thing or two from you. They love to be brushed but won’t sit still for even a second so we don’t collect much fur! Purrs.


  7. So much fur, enough to make another Siamese kitty. 🙂


  8. That is a lot of fur for a short-haired kitty like you, Bailey! I don’t generate as much fur as you do in one brushing, and I have medium fur.


  9. spartacus2030 says:

    I have nominated you to be in contention for a “Best Blogger” award. You will here more about this in the near future. Nice going!


  10. You could knit a sweater from all your excess fur!


  11. I can see how keen you were to get up those stairs


  12. You must be so excited to be back! Teddy needs your brush – what kind is it? He is envious of you and wants to be just as handsome…


  13. Your looking mighty fine Bailey!


  14. You certainly are furry but I can tell you love a good brush.


  15. Looking good now with your summer hair do !


  16. How good to be back home Bailey! and with all the fur you saved from your holiday you can make a jacket for your turtles 😉


  17. That’s almost as much fur as I loose in a brushing, you sure are furry Bailey!


  18. Looks like you luv watching turtle TV! And OMC! That is a lot of furs! I have a furminator now, but I don’t like it as much as my soft brushie..”paw pats, Savannah


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