Ready to pounce!

Slimming down for the summer!

Humans really do fuss over nothing don’t they? I’ve slimmed down a little recently and due to that my human thought it would be a good idea to spend over an hour waiting in line at the vet today! Purr-lease! We all know that when it’s hot we don’t feel like eating as much and […]

Feline ferry!

When we left Santa Marinella on our way to Argentario we passed the very busy port of Civitavecchia. The name Civitavecchia means “ancient town”. It’s one of the major cruise and ferry ports in Italy and forms part of the ‘motorways of the sea’ which is a concept of major port connections within Europe. You […]

Super hot Sunday!

It’s super hot here in Nice today! I enjoy sunbathing as much as the next cat, but I’ve had to search out the shade and I’m currently enjoying the cool tiles in the bathroom! I prefer it when it’s sunny but not too hot. I’m missing my dad a lot, he’s hard at work today. […]

Happy Caturday!

Warm welcome at The Lizard Lifeboat Station!

I’m so very very pleased to tell you that my UK representatives ‘The Gramps’ had a very warm welcome at The Lizard lifeboat station on Tuesday evening. Mrs Gramps is pictured here handing over our donation that you all helped to make happen, making my birthday very special. If you missed the story you can […]

Colourful Porto Santa Stefano

Because it’s been so hot during the day, I’ve spent most of my time underneath the kayak or in the shade of the solar panels… In the evening, however, I’ve loved exploring our new surroundings. Here we are in Porto Santa Stefano. It’s a beautiful little seaport town that’s located in Argentario Tuscany. All the […]


Delighted to donate to the RNLI

For my birthday my humans and family said they would donate 50 pence for every new like I got on my Facebook page (up to £100) to the RNLI. Well I’m pleased to say between us all we managed to get to the full £100. Since I’m now back from holiday I wanted to make […]

Seeing double!

Remember my new furiends that I met in Marina di Campo, Elba? I told you all about them in Oh my boat dog! Well the humans and I took some photos of our boats anchored beside each other, so we could show you what we meant when we said we were with Nocturne’s sister! As […]