Chilling Caturday!

Dealing with disappointed humans!

Remember my humans were really excited about going to do a sea survival course that we got dad for his birthday. You can re-read about it here. Well we’ve had some bad news… The company that they were due to do the course with in September, after months of anticipation, emailed yesterday to let us […]

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

Furiends I’m so excited! I hope you don’t think I’ve been rude recently by not replying to all of your lovely comments but I’ve been a really really busy bee. I’ve got something huge to tell you… Soon! It’s so pawesome! I can’t stop dancing I’m so happy! Bisous Bailey

Comfy cushion!

Nothing in the net!

Since we have no luck fishing with a rod, a line or trawling a line. I allowed the humans to use my net to try and catch some of the little ones that swim just beside the boat near the surface… Even with the net they couldn’t catch one! I tried directing them but to […]

Secret life of cats…

We don’t have a television in the flat here in Nice, so we often enjoy watching documentaries on YouTube. Yesterday we stumbled across one that got my attention. It’s a documentary claiming to shed light on the secret life of cats! Some scientist humans have done a study in the UK following cats with cameras […]

Lighthouse lover!

You might remember from my loyal lighthouse post that I love lighthouses! Here’s one we saw at Porto Ercole. I ducked under my shade cover to get a better look… I think it looks so beautiful up there on the cliff protecting evfurryone! I’ve decided to keep a record of all the lighthouses that we […]

Relaxing Caturday!

Happy Caturday everyone! Both my humans are working today so I’m just chilling out and relaxing! There’s really nowhere more comfy than the sails to snuggle up on! Bisous Bailey

Seeing stars!

It’s the weekend! I hope you all have a pawesome time! Bisous Bailey

Living on the edge!

I feel very lucky to have such great furiends! So many of you tell me that sometimes you worry about me because I’m so adventurous, but the truth is I love living on the edge! I love being on my beautiful Nocturne and I’m always happy to sail and experience all the pawesome things that […]