Happy Halloween 2013!

BOOOOOO! It’s Halloween and I’m feeling devilish! I thought I’d do some tricking and tell the turtles they had to make me laugh or I’d eat them… Michael-Angelo looked rather uninspired so I turned to Milo… He didn’t do anything funny either, so I told them I was going to decide on the best way […]

Turtle terror!

Evil eyes!

I’m very excited about Halloween! I don’t know if you’re aware but my eyes sometimes glow red! Most cats flash green or yellow but cats with blue eyes, typically lack a “tapetum lucidum”. (No I’m not really sure what that is either-something in the eyes!) Like humans our eyes produce the red eye effect! This […]

Operation autopilot has started!

It’s all systems go onboard Nocturne today! The latest project to get her ready for our cruising adventure is a new super high-tech autopilot! I’m very excited about it because it means I will be able to concentrate on other things when we’re making a long passage. At the moment I’m stuck supervising the humans […]

Serious snoozing!

Wow! What a day we had yesterday! Thank you to everyone who came to the party and wished me a happy blogaversary! I had a great time! I thought I’d have lots of cleaning up to do today but you were all so clean and tidy! I’m enjoying lots of snoozing today to recharge my […]

My first blogaversary!

Welcome furiends to my boat blog party! It’s my first blogaversary and I’m so excited to share it with you all! Welcome aboard! Be careful as you walk up the passerelle, for those of you who are springy like me sometimes it’s easier to jump! We’ve got balloons! Come on inside and make yourself at […]

Evolution excitement!

I have some exciting news! Next week we are going to be doing a big project on Nocturne. We’re going to fit a new autopilot! We have one already but it’s old and has been broken for a while. We sent it away to be fixed and they changed the flux gate compass so now […]

Doesn’t time fly!

I’ve just realised that the day after tomorrow is my first blogaversary! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! I can’t believe it’s been a year! I’ve made such pawesome furiends, had lots of adventures and even have a book to be excited about! I’m the luckiest boat cat in the world! So on Saturday […]


Majestic mirage!

I recently realised that sometimes when we watch a sunrise or a sunset we are actually watching a mirage! Wow! It’s natures biggest optical illusion! Whilst researching I found this on Wikipedia: Light from the Sun is bent, or refracted, as it enters earth’s atmosphere. This effect causes the apparent sunrise to be earlier than […]