Thank you all for being such pawesome furiends!

I’ve answered all of your questions… Hopefully!

Furiends I’ve been working hard today and I think I’ve managed to answer all of your questions! Check out my new improved Frequently Asked Questions here: FAQ What do you think? I hope you feel like you know me better now! Bisous Bailey

Hanging out in my purrsonal hammock!

What are Mondays for if not for lounging around in a hammock?! My purrsonal hammock is the sail cover! I was inconspicuously relaxing minding my own business…. Until a human came to check up on me! I was quick to point out that a boat cat needs his down time and the humans should patiently […]

Ask me anything!

Hi Furiends! I’ve recently updated my About Me, My Boat and My Book pages. I’ve also added a Contact Me page! Now I’d like to update my FAQs page. Do you have any burning questions that you would like me to add to this page? We’re all furiends so you can ask me anything and […]

Best photos from the competition!

As promised furiends today I’m sharing some of the best photos from the competition! The top five as voted by you were… Number one: the beautiful Fancy. Number two: the pawesome Ketch. Number three: (only two votes away) the playful Scupper. Number four: the shipwreck saviour. Number five: dreamy blue eyes. I’m sure you’ll agree […]

I’m having a splashing time!

Furiends I think overdid the cat nip and the treats yesterday! I was so happy about the book launch that I fell asleep on the transom and fell off the boat! It was quite a shock I can tell you! I swam around to the front of the boat and clung onto the passerelle while […]

I’m over the moon to be a published author!

Furiends! I’m a published author! Little furry me! Can you believe it? I’m out there in the big blue world! I’m so happy- this is the best Fursday EVER! Thank you all so much for being so supportive and always being such good furiends, without you I wouldn’t have a book. It’s our book! I […]

Tomorrow’s the BIG day!

Furiends it’s finally here! The big day is tomorrow! My book will be officially launched! I’m so excited I think I might pop! I’ve really been enjoying this week, all the entries in my photo competition on my Facebook page have made me laugh and my humans say ‘awww’ lots! Why don’t you pop over […]

Happy Earth Day 2014!

Happy Earth day furiends! We live on the blue planet and I for one love it! Today is all about promoting environmentally furiendly ways to look after Earth. No matter how big or small we are, we can all do our bit to look after Mother Earth. I think we can all be guilty of […]

Being a celebrity is pawesome… I got invited to Jupiter!

Furiends I was very honoured to be invited to Jupiter today! Yes Jupiter! She’s a beautiful Jupiter 30 sailboat and I had a pawesome time! She was built in Guernsey in 1990 and I think she’s beautiful! Her humans Mandy and Paul have been cruising for two years and are currently on the pontoon opposite […]