Under boat arrest!

Those of you who were surprised to see me outside yesterday were correct… That photo was taken a week ago before ‘the incident’. I’m actually still locked up up in prison! The humans are looking really pleased with themselves because they think they’ve come up with the purrfect way to keep me in… I’ll find […]

Bird watching

‘Up and coming’ on Caturday!

Furiends I’m sailing around in the clouds today. I’ve been named as a pet author to watch by Hive bookstore! It’s pawesome! I’m up there with some very famous furry faces. It’s such an honour! You can read about evfurryone here. I love their photo of us all together! It’s something very nice to add […]

It’s impawtant to know when enough is enough!

Furiends I’m in BIG trouble! Yesterday I thought I’d play a game of hide and seek with dad. I ran off and jumped inside another boat, but he saw where I went. So I waited patiently sitting inside the boat for him to turn around, so I could run and hide again. There was a […]

My human’s got a website

Do you remember a while ago my humans tried to steal my furiends when they were in America? If you missed it you can read about it here. Well now, unfortunately, they’re trying to steal my thunder too! Mum has set up her own boring ‘professional’ author website. She’s going to post updates there and […]

Life on the edge!

Mabel’s Hydrotherapy Treatment

My cousin Mabel has CDRM or Chronic Degenerative Radiculo Myelopathy. It’s a progressive wasting disease affecting her hind limbs. It predominantly affects German Shepherds and the Queen’s favourite dogs, Welsh Corgis. It can rarely occur in other breeds too though. This basically means that our darling Mabel struggles to place her feet in the right […]

Cornish cousins

As you all know my mum is visiting her family in Cornwall, so I’ve been enjoying getting updates on all of my furry cousins! I must admit I did trick you a little yesterday, because I actually asked my cousin Cassidy to sleep in the same room with my human to make sure she didn’t […]

Shocked- human shares bed with another man cat!

Celebrating Caturday!

Furiends today’s a special day! Not only is it Caturday, but depending on where you are in the world, it’s either the longest or shortest day of the year! For me, it’s the longest and I’m celebrating by trying to catch a fishy furiend! I hope you all have a pawesome day! Happy Caturday evfurryone! […]