Missing my freedom!

It’s nice to be home in the marina in some ways… (The humans have started washing their stinky clothes for example!) but I really do miss the freedom of being on anchor. Now that we’re back in the marina the humans are once again holding me captive inside. I love being outside and I know […]

Hide and seek!

All sails lead to Rome!

When you read this furiends the humans and I will be underway somewhere between Giglio and Rome. If the wind does what it’s forecast to do we will be following the red line back to our marina. It should take is around 11 hours. I’ll probably spend most of the passage snuggled up safely inside […]

Last day in paradise!

Today is, unfortunately, our last day out on anchor. Tomorrow we have to head back to our marina in Rome. It will be a long day, depending on the wind (and the swell) it will take us approximately 11 hours. So today we’ve been making the most of our last day! Yesterday we had a […]


The humans LOST an anchor!

Furiends it’s been a little while since I had to publicly shame my humans but the time has come again. This week they LOST an anchor! When it was really rough the other night and we saw lots of boats dragging, I instructed them to drop our spare anchor to make sure we held. Our […]

Defending the ducks from the dinghy devils!

Normally when we sail away the humans and I like to keep moving and visit lots of different places. They haven’t sorted out the ‘work thing’ yet, so we always have to get back to our base marina within a few weeks. We’ve been in Portoferraio for four full days now though. We LOVE it […]

Making furiends with Max!

My humans made furiends with a cruising family from Argentina and they’re owned by a dog called Max. This morning when they popped by to say hi in the dinghy I met him. I wasn’t sure if we’d hit it off at first, I mean he is a dog, but when I realised how cool […]

Floating fascination!

Naming ‘Nauti’ in Portoferraio!

What an eventful twenty-four hours furiends! We sailed around to Porrtoferraio when the swell really picked up where we were yesterday, by the beach. We spent the afternoon cleaning up and having fun. The humans went into the town for a couple of hours in the evening to have a wander around and something to […]