I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend furiends! We’ve been out sailing today so my weekend has been pawesome! (Although we had quite a major hitch today, which I’ll tell you all about tomorrow!) I usually don’t talk on Sunday but today there’s just far to much to say! It’s only two days until my […]

Caturday Competition time!

Furiends I’ve had some questions asking who can enter the competition to celebrate my American book launch…and the answer is evfurryone! Whether you’re human, furry, feathered or scaled and of course any nationality. All the details are in my post American Dream- win a copy of my book! I’m not American but I love the […]

Exciting weekend ahead!

It’s going to be a very exciting weekend furiends as there’s already been some PAWESOME entries for my American Dream photo competition. You can find out all the details of how to enter in yesterday’s post here. Make sure you vote for your favourite entries by clicking like next to their photo on my Facebook […]

American Dream- win a copy of my book!

Furiends! In just under a week my book is going to be launched in America! Although, so far, I’ve never put my paw on American soil, I really feel like I’m living the American Dream! As most of you know I’m French which is why I send you all bisous (kisses) daily. My humans are […]

Chain reaction

I can see a rainbow!

I was really surprised and happy today to see that a rainbow appeared on my tail! I love snuggling up in the smallest of spaces on the boat. Today I got stuck behind one of the new boxes, so my humans moved one for me and I made myself very comfortable there. This little area […]

Stupid humans strike again!

Furiends I can’t trust the humans to do anything without my supervision. Yesterday I was taking a little nap in a sun puddle when I was rudely awakened. There was a shattering sound as glass fell to the floor! I’d entrusted the humans to change a lightbulb. Yes really something so simple! They broke the […]

Tightrope target

Caturday day sail!

We were hoping to sail to Ponza for the weekend but unfortunately the weather forecast to come back isn’t very good. Since the humans have to be back for work we couldn’t take the risk of getting caught out. I’m hoping that we can go for a day sail today though! I’d like to wish […]

Sparkle will sail on in my heart.

Furiends it’s with a heavy heart that I write today to tell you that one of the most beautiful stars of the cat-blog world is coming to the end of her journey. My dear furiend Sparkle, a positive light until the very end, yesterday said thank you to her furiends. She asked for us not […]