I’m in Reader’s Digest!

Furiends I’m so excited to tell you that I’m in Reader’s Digest! They’ve said some really nice things about me and used one of the photos I’m most proud of. Me climbing back aboard Nocturne after a swim! To read and enjoy the slide show just click here! Bisous, Bailey

Purrfecting the work life balance.

Furiends, I’m so very excited to tell you that the humans and I are one paw closer to our dream of setting sail full time. Dad applied for part-time with his job and it’s been accepted! So as of January he’ll work for 7 days and then have 7 days off. Mum can fit her […]

Fuzzy face!


Caturday climbing!

I hope you’re all having a pawesome Caturday furiends. Here on Nocturne we’re catching up on everything and I’m climbing to keep fit! What are you up to? Bisous, Bailey

Blue Heeler

This week I’ve had a pawesome time with my new Australian furiends. They are growing humans called Django and Quinn. We met a few weeks ago and hit it off instantly. They had to lift their (new to them) boat out of the water so she can be anti-fouled and my humans went to help […]

Out of this world!

This is the final instalment of the adventures of Sharkie and Blue at the Southampton boat show! Just a few photos to show that they had some adventures that were truly out of this world! They got to hang out with some aliens! They also swam with some scarily tall sailors. They made furiends with […]

Next time… Take me… Or else!

Blue made furiends with… a DOG!

I was, of course, happy to see the humans when they came home yesterday. However, I was much more excited to see Blue and Sharkie and hear all about their adventures! I was quite surprised to hear that Blue made furiends with a canine that was working at the boat show as a security dog! […]

Catnip crash!

The humans will be home any minute and I’m suffering from a catnip crash! I need to find the energy to get up and hide the evidence of my partying. The race is on… I’m looking forward to sniffing my way through the humans bags and seeing Sharkie and Blue! I hope you all have […]

Pawesomeness + inspirational = Miss Isle

I’ve been following the most inspirational young lady for a little while now. Yesterday my humans, Blue and Sharkie had the honour and pleasure of meeting her and her family. The beautiful Natasha Lambert is my hero. She’s PAWESOME! Natasha recently completed her Sea and Summit Challenge, sailing from Cowes in the Isle Of Wight […]