Happy Halloween from Count Catula!

Happy Halloween furiends! I hope you’re all having a spook-tastic day! Today I’m not Bailey… I’m the very scary Count Catula! Who has ghosts and ghouls to dispose of! I’m also very excited because it’s Film on Friday! I really hope you enjoy my spooky film! I hope you all stay safe and don’t get […]

Scare tactics!

I’m not known for being particularly scary but at this time of year I’m trying my hardest! Lots of you commented that my big blue eyes are just too furiendly so I tried closing them in an attempt to be more fearful… The humans said that just makes me look cute, so I tried hiding […]

Devil of the seven seas!

Barnacles on our bottom!

Furiends winter really is coming. The sunsets are getting earlier and earlier here! We’ve noticed a huge difference since the clocks changed. I love watching the fish around the time of the sunset… They go crazy! Noccy’s well overdue having her bottom cleaned and the fish love to nibble all of the growth on her. […]

In loving memory of cousin Mabel

Furiends I’m very sad today because my beautiful cousin Mabel has crossed the rainbow bridge. She had CDRM or Chronic Degenerative Radiculo Myelopathy which is a progressive wasting disease that affects the hind limbs. She went for Hydrotherapy sessions which helped her stay active and maintain her muscle usage. I blogged about it here you […]

Sassy selfie!

Lazy Caturday!

Happy Caturday! Furiends I’ve been very lazy today! I didn’t get up until lunchtime, I had a good feast of biscuits and then I hopped into my new favourite spot… My travel case which is open on the sofa! It’s usually put away but the humans found it funny that I keep choosing to chill […]

Film on Friday- Feisty Feline!

Furiends I think I’m going to start sharing a short film clip with you all every Friday in my new spot Film on Friday! My humans aren’t the best film makers but I thought it would be a fun way for them to learn and for you to see how I move around the boat! […]

Paw around Sea Shepherd’s Brigitte Bardot!

I had a pawesome day yesterday when I was invited aboard the Brigitte Bardot, one of Sea Shepherd’s ships! I loved the guided paw around the boat! I got to look out from the bridge… I also got to check out all the controls and sit in the captain’s chair! The best bit was meeting […]

Brigitte Bardot Sea Shepherd visit!