It’s been pawesome! Ciao 2014!

Thank you dear furiends for yet another pawesome year! I’ve been such a lucky fellow this year and I’ve got some really exciting things to look forward to already next year, so I’m feeling very grateful this evening. It’s fast approaching 7PM here in Rome and the fireworks are already going off like crazy. Luckily […]

Sharkie and Blue’s American adventures continue!

Sharkie and Blue are having a pawesome time with my brofur and sisfurs over at The Cat on my Head. The lucky things were invited on a bike ride! I’m quite nervous that they’re having such a great time across the pond. They won’t want to swim home to me! Bisous, Bailey

Windy and wet!

Furiends the weather here is really uninspiring at the moment! It’s windy and wet and I’ve practically been hibernating. There’s still lots of tasty food around and of course there’s New Year to look forward to but other than that it’s all very quiet here aboard Nocturne. We’ve been really struggling with our Internet connection […]

Sleeping selfie!


Furiends I got a new bag for Christmas and I’m so excited about it. Normally when I’m out and about in my travel case all I want to do is poke my head out and look around, but the humans don’t always let me because I try and push my way out. Now I have […]

Sleepy stupor!

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday furiends. The humans and I ate enough to keep us going until next Christmas I think! I’ve been spending most of today in a sleepy stupor! I’m lucky that I have lots of different places to sleep to choose from here on the boat. Did you […]

Wishing you all a pawesome Christmas!

Merry Christmas furiends! All of us here aboard Nocturne wish you all a very special day with your loved ones. Festive bisous, Bailey

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve furiends! I hope you all have a pawesome Christmas and you’re all snuggled up warm and enjoying the festivities with your nearest and dearest. I’m off to bed very soon because Santa Paws is on his way now! I’m so excited! Merry Christmas!!! Bisous, Bailey

The eve of Christmas Eve!

Happy eve of Christmas Eve furiends! I’m lucky to have received one early Christmas present today! Somehow… (I’m not going to say how, because I don’t want my humans to know) I managed to wreck my collar while I was at cat camp. Since mum insists I wear one because, according to her, I like […]

Christmas is Coming!

I’m so excited that Christmas is only a few days away furiends! I’ve smelt some delicious things coming onto the boat and I can’t wait to sample them! The humans are frantically trying to get all of their cards and presents delivered and I’m enjoying the relaxing glow of the Christmas lights on the boat! […]