I’ve broken a bone or my dew claw but it’s not slowing me down!

Well furiends when we arrived at the vet yesterday it was closed! We didn’t realise it was a holiday here in Rome. Since it certainly wasn’t an emergency we waited and went back this morning. It was an eventful morning. When I went in I met a dog. We were getting along fine until she […]

Poorly Paw

I’m off to the vet this evening because I have a poorly paw. There’s a little cyst appeared by my dew claw that’s been niggling me over the weekend. I’m sure it’s fine, but the humans are insisting they’ve seen me licking it lots so we have to go and get it checked out. I’m […]

Fan-tastic selfie!

Humans 0 – Bailey 1!

I DID IT! Last night I managed to pull a mosquito net out of one of the smallest portholes, that the humans didn’t know I could squeeze through, get out onto the deck and JUMP down to the ground! It took a lot of planning and sneaking slowly because the humans can usually hear my […]

Working hard in the boat yard!

Well for a short time today furiends we could see daylight through a hole in the boat! The humans have been servicing the seacocks. The seacocks are valves that allow water to flow into and out of the boat. For example water comes in to cool the engine and for a salt water faucet and […]

Leap of Faith

Well furiends I’m officially a yard cat! After a rolly trip around the coast and up the canal yesterday Noccy was safely lifted out of the water and is currently drying out. Within seconds of me being back on board I was running around the deck checking everything out! I ran to the bow of […]

We’re on the hard!

Still floating…

Furiends of course I’m happy that we’re still floating but my darling Nocturne was supposed to be coming out of the water today. When we woke up this morning the weather wasn’t in the mood for cooperating. The strong wind and big swell would’ve added up to an unpleasant trip out of the marina, around […]

My human got a Phantom 3 Professional and I got two new boxes!

My human is very excited because his birthday present finally arrived! He’s very lucky. Mum and I got him a Phantom 3 Professional. He’s not as lucky as me though because I got a box within a box! The more I’ve learnt about the Phantom, the more I’ve realised how PAWESOME it is! The humans […]

Eye of the sea!