Selfie from sunny Lakka

Hide and seek!

Friends im in trouble…even though it’s Caturday and obviously against the law! The humans took a dinghy ride this morning and I was entrusted to stay in my spot under the other, smaller dinghy. You see if they leave the boat from anytime after dusk I’m cruelly locked inside the boat. They want the boat […]

In love with Lakka!

I don’t think I ever want to leave Lakka! It’s one of, if not the, most beautiful place I’ve ever been! You can see the humans in the cockpit and I’m lying down on the boom! I wish I could bottle the colour of the water here. If I could sell it I’m sure I’d […]

Shiney new shroud!

We’ve got a shiney new shroud! The old one had a broken strand… It doesn’t look too bad but obviously it could become a big problem so it needed to be sorted. I packed the humans off in the dinghy to go and get a new one made. It was all done and dusted in […]

Catching up on cat naps!

Third time lucky in Lefkas!

Furiends we’re very sad to have said goodbye to our buddy boats. SV Fubbs is midway back on her crossing back to Italy and SV Lupa Di Mare have headed south whilst we headed north. We’ve come to Lefkas under the recommendation from a lovely man in Meganissi that there’s a great ear specialist here… […]

Delphi my new best furiend!

Furiends as you know for the past few days we’ve been buddy boating with two other boats and having a lovely time. On Lupa Di Mare, Delphi the boat dog supervises three humans. I’ve got to know Delphi very well and I really love and respect her. She’s a 14 year old Jack Russel and […]

Keeping cool on top of the fridge!

Another day another bay!

Happy Caturday furiends! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. Today we raised our anchor and sailed across to another bay with our two buddy boats, SV Fubbs and SV Lupa Di Mare. We stopped so the humans could swim and we rafted together. I took this oppawtunity to get acquainted with Delfi the […]

Beautiful bay

I can’t tell you how beautiful where we are anchored is furiends, but these aerial shots of where we are staying should give you an idea … If you look very closely you might be able to see me on the deck of Nocturne! My humans have been loving spending time with the humans from […]