We made it back to Rome!

Wing on wing- we’re flying!

We’re flying back to Rome furiends! We decided to stop at a lovely anchorage last night and get some rest because the seas were quite big and we fancied a nice relaxing dinner on anchor. This morning we set off again and we’ve got our sails set in a wing on wing configuration, so we’re […]

Nearly back in Rome!

Furiends not only are we back in Italy but we’re nearly in our home port of Rome! The last few days Noccy has been munching the miles like a pro. We’re just passing Capri and it’s beautiful! We have another 115 nautical miles to go. Which should take us no more than about 20 hours. […]

Bird-watching selfie

Diesel bug drama

My boat has bugs! Yes furiends, many of you were right most of the problems with a modern diesel engine is fuel contamination or the engine being starved of fuel. Diesel bug is the boating name given to the organisms that form slimes in diesel fuels. It’s a microbe caused by water content in the […]

The engine stopped- Nippy towed Nocturne like a hero!

Furiends, remember on the way to Greece we got plastic rubbish wrapped around our propellor and we were adrift… Well, it wasn’t the only time this summer. We had some engine troubles and the engine stopped. Naturally, Murphy’s Law meant that there was no wind so we were adrift again. We were (thankfully, very slowly) […]

Taking time out to relax!

Furiends today I’ve been taking time out to relax. We’ve been very very busy here on Nocturne with a few mini dramas that I will soon tell you all about. There have been a few stressful moments but I think my crew and I have handled them well. Today though, was a day to relax […]

Deck Patrol!

Walker Bay Race!

Furiends while we were buddy boating with SV Fubbs And SV Lupa Di Mare this summer, we had so much fun together. One of the highlights for the males in our group was the day we held a Walker Bay race! It started as a bit of fun of course, but it soon got fiercely […]

Passage planning

Furiends I’ve been happily passage planning which is a very impawtant part of my duties aboard Nocturne, but there’s been a slight altercation with the humans. They didn’t like me really putting my paw in the action… There was a breeze coming through the hatch, so naturally I needed to keep my paw on it. […]