Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween furiends! I’m feeling very devilish and hanging out with my ghostly buddy! Stay safe if you’re out trick or treating today! Bisous, Bailey

Accident in our marina

There’s been a lot of drama in our marina today. Yesterday a 35 metre motor boat lost the ability to manoeuvre as they were coming into the marina and ended up on the beach! Today there was the coastguard, lots of police, and other officials around the boat as they attempted to tug it off […]

Happy National Cat Day!

Happy National Cat Day furiends! I hope you’re all either enjoying it purrsonaly or pampering your favourite cat(s)! I’m spending the day ordering my humans around and I’m looking forward to a special meaty dinner with a side dish of cat milk. Today is the day when it’s socially acceptable for cats to demand to […]


Preparing for spooky treats!

I’m very excited and preparing for treats! It’s not long until Halloween and I’ve spied some tasty treats being smuggled aboard! I’ve not decided on this years costume yet, last years Count Catula will be very hard to beat! Are you getting dressed up this Halloween? Bisous, Bailey

Back together again!

I’m happy today because we’re all back together again! After a week of mum being away with her family, it’s lovely to all be floating together again. I hope you all have a pawesome week. Bisous, Bailey

Blue selfie

Happy Caturday!

Dear furiends, I hope you’re all having a very happy and healthy Caturday! Bisous, Bailey

Aerial photos

It’s still just the boys aboard Nocturne so we’re enjoying some quality male time. Mum comes back on Sunday so we’ll be fitting in a couple of sneaky parties before the end of the weekend. We’ve been looking through some of the aerial photographs that we took over the summer and we can’t wait for […]

Catching up with the cousins

Mum has gone home to visit family and she’s been catching up with my cousins. I’m so happy to report that Polly who was dangerously ill a month ago is doing really well now. You can also see in the right of the photo that Blossom has really grown! She’s currently recovering from her spay […]