A few apologies!

Dear furiends I owe some of you a few apologies. I’m very sorry for not replying to several emails over the past week because I’ve been very busy looking after my poorly humans. They’ve been a little under the weather and oh my cat you wouldn’t believe the amount of whinging that’s been going on […]

Listening selfie!

Caturday Connections- Princess Mia

Welcome furiends to the next installment of Caturday Connections! This week I have the purrleasure of welcoming the beautiful Princess Mia from S/V Somewhere to tell us all about her life afloat. I hope you enjoy it! 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hi Bailey! My name is Princess Mia and I’m the […]


As you know we currently live on the boat full time and since we didn’t intend to live on land again anytime soon, we got rid of all of our furniture… Now we need furniture again and it’s a most tiring process sorting it all out again. That’s what weekends are for though I guess! […]

New adventures in April!

Well furiends it’s all official, we’ve signed the contract to rent a gorgeous villa near Lake Maggiore. We are moving there in April and we are pawsitive that we’ll have lots of fun new adventures. We’ll also be able to do lots of projects on Nocturne and give her some special TLC before our summer […]

We’ve found a temporary pad, but Nocturne will always be our home!

Cats can calm humans down

My human’s have been getting really grumpy and agitated about looking for a land dwelling and having to temporarily move of the boat. I’ll be honest… I don’t like them when they’re stressing. There’s nothing worse than stressed out humans to ruin the zen I’ve carefully created on my boat. I encourage them to pat […]

Catnip is crazy fun!

Furiends, if you’re under legal catnip age please do not read on… OK, the rest of you, I have to tell you that cat nip is PAWESOME! As you know I’m a very active cat and whilst we’re in the marina I only go outside with the humans. Since its been stormy and cold, I’ve […]

Rays of sunshine selfie!

Caturday Connections – Stevie and Lucie

Furiends this week I have the pleasure of welcoming the very entertaining fur-siblings from SV Summertime Rolls… Stevie and Lucie! A big welcome both of you, you’re my first duo and I’m really excited about today’s interview! 1.So to start can you please tell us a little bit about yourselves. Stevie: I’m a big 17 […]