Caturday Connections- Bubba DaBoatKat

Furiends today it’s my purrleasure to introduce you all to Bubba DaBoatKat for this weeks Caturday Connections! Welcome Bubba! Tell us a little bit about yourself Bubba. I am Bubba Daboatkat, but my real name is catptain dork e fuzzbutt, born in a punk rock band house in June of 2006, momma saved me from […]

The humans have left me!

Well furiends I got spotted in the suitcase and the humans left me here when they left. They’ve safely arrived in Ireland and I’ve already had a great time here with Darcy and her humans. Together we managed to set off the house alarm! No nip was involved in the incident and everyone is laughing […]

The humans are off to Ireland!

The humans are leaving soon for Ireland and I’m wondering if they’ll realise that I’ve sneaked into their suitcase! Hopefully not because they are going for my cousin (their nephew) AJ’s Christening and I really want to meet him too! I’ll try and get a photo of him to show you all how adorable he […]

Strolling through the week!

Sleepy Helper

Today mum’s been busy studying and writing and I’ve been ‘helping’ by sleeping next to her. Apparently a purring cat nearby is supposed to help humans relax and be more creative. I think it was probably a cat that said that first but I’m going to make the most of it. The humans need me! […]

Making furiends with a mini-human!

Today I’ve been making furiends with a mini-human. She’s trained by a cat called Loki who will be coming to stay at my house soon. Next week the mini-human Darcy and her grown up humans will be coming to feed me whilst my humans visit Ireland. I’m entrusting Darcy to cater to my every need […]

Blue Look Selfie!

Caturday Connections- Scurvy

This week I’ve got the purrleasure of interviewing my dear furiend Scurvy! I hope you enjoy it! Firstly Scurvy I’d like to apologise again for being mean to you when you came aboard Nocturne. Believe it or not I actually really miss you and your humans now! I can’t wait for evfurryone to get to […]

The Fuel Guard box arrived today!

Furiends I’m so excited because the Fuel Guard box arrived today! Since it’s Earth Day today mum and I have been spending time in the garden. I’ve been sniffing the flowers and my new box! I can’t wait to open the box but we have to wait for dad to get home from work because […]

Nemo is recovering well in Kitty Prison!

Cousin Nemo has passed the 72 hour mark and is recovering well in kitty prison… Yes poor Nemo is stuck in a dog crate to limit his movement. He has to recoup there for a whole week! He’s got a pawesome new fur-cut… and the humans are catering to his every whim. Hopefully he’ll be […]