Busy in the boatyard!

The humans are on their way back to the lakes and me now! They’ve been busy taking care of Nocturne! The blue boat beside Noccy was anti fouled this morning and looks great. Nocturne’s hull is looking good and once she’s been anti-fouled she’ll be purrfect again! I love the yard because there’s always fun […]

The most PAWESOME week ever!

Furiends, this week my little sister comes home! It’s going to be the most PAWESOME week ever! I think she looks like a baby bear at the moment and I can’t wait to start training her to do exactly what I say! I’ll try and be patient with her though. I remember what it was […]

Startled Selfie

Caturday Cat Nap!

Furiends I tried my hardest this week with a few different furiends to arrange Caturday Connections, but you know how we felines like to nap… Sending you all purrs and wishes for peaceful Cat Naps… we’ll be back next week! Happy Caturday! Bisous, Bailey

Today I caught my first ever lizard…

Furiends today is a monumental day! I caught a LIZARD! I’m so proud of myself! I was pottering in the garden with my lead on… I spotted the little fella and shot off. I didn’t actually expect to catch him but I did! I carried him straight into the house… He’s the first thing bigger […]

Testing out Puppy Prison

Well furiends I couldn’t resist – I just had to test out Puppy Prison! I didn’t mind it, but I can’t imagine having to sleep in there at night like April will. It’s for the best though, I need my cat naps and alone time while the humans sleep. With April in the crate I’ll […]

One week until April comes home!

Meeting the neighbours

I’ve slowly been meeting all of the neighbours here. There’s a group that live very near to me and they come to visit sometimes. I’m not sure I’m happy with them in my garden, but I’m trying to be polite! I think April will help purrsuade them not to trespass anymore though! Bisous, Bailey

Puppy Preparation- I’m studying!

I’ve been busy studying a pawesome book called The Happy Puppy Handbook by Pippa Mattinson. It’s really great with lots of good tips and tricks to teach the puppy how to be a good puppy. I knew I was going to need to train April on the boat but I didn’t realise I’m going to […]

Sideways Selfie