Turkey neck!

Visit to the vets – twice in two days!

I have good news furiends! I don’t have the nasty parasite Giardia, that April has! I did, however, have to have my vaccinations today. Thank you to all of you that wrote to me yesterday with well wishes for us both and to all of you who suggested that the vets check me for hyperthyroidism. […]

Vet visit from hell!

Today April and I visited the vets… It was pawful! A visit from hell. April showed how much of a dog she is by wagging her tail and kissing everyone that said ciao to her, but I wasn’t as easily fooled. April’s had diarrhoea and mum took her to the vets a few days ago […]

Paw Patrol – April’s in training!

It’s very fun training April how to do a paw patrol. She’s a very attentive student which is good. Eight paws on deck is much better than four, of course, but once April is fully trained we will be able to take it in turns and maybe even do shifts. She’s obsessed with watching airplanes, […]

Content selfie

Caturday Connections- Crooks

Dear furiends, welcome to this weeks installment of Caturday Connctions! This week I have the purrleasure of welcoming boat cat Crooks aboard! Tell us a little bit about yourself Crooks… I am a 7 year old Maine coon. My humans took me in about 6 years ago when the family I was with decided to […]

April’s a natural boat puppy!

Furiends, today we took April out for her first day sail. I’m so proud of my little sister, she was a natural! She loved it! She was fascinated by the water and the ripples that bounce off the boat. She was so well behaved and she was treated to lunch in the cockpit! Until she […]

Well that was embarrassing!

As you saw yesterday furiends I got wet! Drenched actually! Today I’ve been relaxing after my adventure. It was quite embarrassing really, I went on a run down the pontoon and tried to jump onto another boat. I say tried because it was an ambitious jump and I didn’t quite make it! I landed unceremoniously […]

I took my yearly dip today!

April went into Rome!

Today I had a day off puppy training duties because I sent April to Rome with mum and Bobbie. It was a day of firsts for April. It was her first time on a bus, on a train, meeting new dogs and her first time in a loud city. She was very well behaved apparently […]