Blue eyed selfie!

Caturday Connections – Toby the star of YouTube!

For this week’s Caturday Connections I have the purrleasure to welcome a viral YouTube sensation, a little guy with a huge purrsonality, the one and only….Toby the pug! Welcome Toby! Tell us a little bit about yourself…..who do you live with? Do you like them? I was born in Portsmouth in February 2007, and my […]

Got that Friday feeling!

Furiends I’m so happy it’s Friday. I’m exhausted! It’s really hot and April has been getting mum and I up in the middle of the night lots because she’s teething! Now it’s the weekend I think it’s acceptable to crack out the nip! Thank the big Cat in the sky! I’m intending to spend most […]

I got to see my dear furiend Pat today!

I’ve had a wonderful day today. I spent some time in the garden, I took several cat naps, I played with my toys AND I got to see my dear furiend Pat on Skype! It was pawesome! I even got to see Maggie! Felix was napping I think. It was so lovely to be able […]

On puppy alert!

April is growing so quickly!

Furiends I knew that April would get bigger, but I didn’t realise how quickly she would grow. When she first arrived she was about the same size as me… But now at three and a half months old, she’s much bigger than I am already! I’m purrsisting with her training and now she is much […]

One week until we go back to Nocturne!

Furiends I can’t wait for next week because we’re heading back to Nocturne! The humans have nearly two weeks off and we’re going sailing! We’ve not decided where we’re going to go yet, but wherever we go I know it will be pawesome! I can’t wait to feel the sea breeze through my fur again! […]

Washing Pile Selfie

Caturday Connections- Florence and Freddy

This week I have the purrleasure of welcoming my cousins, Florence and Freddy, to Caturday Connections! Tell us a little bit about yourselves. We’re Florence and Freddy and we are red-foot tortoises. Red-foots originate from South America but we were captive born in England last year as our species are vulnerable to extinction in the […]

April’s making furiends on the lake!

Today April’s been making new furiends on the lake. She met and shared some food with a group of 24 swans! To begin with she was quite shy and the swans were hissing at her but, once everybody had some food, they were all quite intrigued by each other. I’ve not gone out on the […]