Cubby Hole Weekend!

This weekend the weather is due to be miserable, so I’m getting ready to set myself up in a cubbyhole. I’m looking forward to a bit of downtime and relaxing. What are your plans for the weekend? I hope it’s pawesome! Bisous, Bailey

Busy studying!

I like to think I’m a very supportive crew member. As most of you know, my mum is studying for her master’s degree at the moment. Last week she submitted a portfolio for a module so this week is a reading week for the next module. So I’ve been helping… She’s so ungrateful and says […]

No photos today please!

I live with a flea-bag!

I love my baby sister, I really do, but she’s so disgusting! She’s a little flea bag! I’ve never had fleas in my life, and now that she’s here we just can’t seem to shake them! She’s also a magnet for ticks! She’s had a couple, even though we’ve both been treated. Mum even took […]

I’m clawing on to the last of the summer!

Furiends, the summer is sliding away from us here in Italy. I’m clawing on and trying to make the most of the last days of summer. I’ve been spending as much time as possible outside and bathing in sunbeams that come through the windows. It’s getting cooler now in the evenings. Some nights I’d even […]

Paws crossed selfie!

Happy Caturday from a VERY muddy April!

Dear furiends Happy Caturday! It’s quite late in the day here, I’ve been busy trying to get all the mud out of my house…. April came in like this…. So April could you please tell us all WHY on earth you get in such a muddy mess at every opportunity? April: Mud is PAWESOME! I […]

Film on Friday – April’s first time on anchor!

Furiends after a very long break I’m pleased to share a new Film on Friday with you all! It’s a quick snapshot of April’s first ever time on anchor, after our sail to Ponza in July! I really hope you enjoy it! She’s grown so much since then even though it’s only been two months! […]

Stress-free weekend ahead!

My human has finally submitted her portfolio to university today after a big drama about file size, formatting and compressing. She was in such a state that I relented on my tough love approach and sat on her lap to calm her down for a bit! I save these moments for times of need so […]

Happy World Peace Day Furiends!