Autumnal Selfies

Crazy Caturday with puppies!

Furiends, today has been a crazy Caturday! Two puppies running around the house is… entertaining! They’re getting up to lots of mischief and they’re trying to decide between them who’s boss. They don’t realise it doesn’t matter which one of them wins their silly dominance games because I’m the boss of the whole family! Blue […]

Blue has come home!

Furiends, today is a very exciting day! Mum got really delayed yesterday coming home from the UK so she arrived in the early hours. Then once she’d had a sleep, she drove down to Shirley’s house with April to pick up Blue! April got to see their mum Diamond and she remembered her! Blue is […]

Cousin Nemo is still fighting the odds!

Mum’s away…Maddie and Matt to the rescue

Dear Furiends as you might remember mum went away yesterday for a flying visit to her family in Cornwall in the U.K. We’re missing her already! Dad has got a really bad foot so he’s in agony and practically immobile. That’s left me to look after April and the lobsters! Luckily I have my very […]

Sideways Selfie!

Caturday Connections – Phoebe

Welcome to this week’s Caturday Connections furiends! This week I have the purrleasure of welcoming the gorgeous Phoebe! Hi Phoebe! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am a beautiful 14 year old peach and white cat. I am a bit of a cougar because my boyfriend is only 2! I have a mom […]

A week today and brofur Blue comes home!

Furiends I’m so excited this time next week we’ll have added four paws to our crew! Blue is coming home next Friday! We’re happily getting ready for him. April and I had a meeting and we decided that to truly welcome him we would give him the collar that our dear furiends Pat, Maggie and […]

Sharkie and Blue are looking for a new adventure!

Furiends it’s been 10 months since Sharkie and Blue last went on holiday to Vietnam. They helped us move in April and since then they’ve been taking it easy in the office. They had a great time in America with my brofur and sisfurs over at The Cat On My Head a couple of years […]

Wave watching!