Not long now…


  1. Can hardly wait for your sailing, Captain!
    From Monty,s mom xx


  2. Hey there, Cutie !


  3. Are you counting the hours yet?


  4. Oh, dear fellow, we can’t wait for you to get back out on the water, see your furiends at the marina and in the water, and of course, confront your dinghy devils!! Pat


  5. Oh I just bet you’re excited Bailey!!!

    Hugs, Teddy


  6. Hi Bailey This is Mitzi Jo’s human mom. I wanted you to know when I was a kid ( long time ago) I had 3 Siamese Cats. They became my favorite after the Lady and the Tramp movie. Siamese cats have more personality then other cats.


  7. Siamese kitties are the best, as Mitzi says. Can you all swim? However, you can be kinda loud but I like that.


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