Hi from Mallorca!

Hi Evfurryone!

It’s Annabelle! Very nice to meet you all! I’m so excited and a little nervous to be stepping into my big brothers paws!

Chihuahua at sea

He has trained me well and after a near two-year apprenticeship, I’m able to keep watch with only one eye open…

Can you see me?

I like to keep watch in the comfort and warmth of the coat of my personal slave, ooops, I mean human!

If you use Instagram or Facebook you can even see a short video clip of me on watch.

We left Barcelona, our current homeport, for Menorca over a week ago. We stayed there for a few days before this passage to Mallorca. We got our engine aligned in Porto Cristo and we are now anchored in a beautiful bay south of Palma. Early tomorrow morning we will set sail for Ibiza!

I’m so excited to show you the BIGGEST fish we’ve ever caught….

BUT we also set it free again because we thought it was far too beautiful to kill and eat. We have since found out that it’s a Short-billed Spearfish and really delicious to eat, but we don’t regret our decision.

Anyway, I’m super excited to get to know you all and follow your adventures and I hope you’ll all enjoy ours afloat and Bailey’s on the farm.

Unlike Bailey, who’s French, I’m Italian… so I send you all ‘baci’ and look forward to hearing from you all!

Baci, Annabelle xo


  1. Barbara says:

    Welcome! I am really looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes!


  2. It’s so nice to share your adventures Annabelle, We know that Bailey will be proud of you and we look forward to hearing from you again soon. Please give our love to Bailey, We met Bailey in Cat Scouts and remember our interview with him fondly!


  3. Hi Annabelle! Looks like you are settling in quite well in your new position as spokes dog 🙂
    WE look forward to seeing all of your adventures with the family on the high seas.
    You are also pretty cute 😉
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ


  4. Nancy Davis says:

    Annabelle, you and Mum looking fabulous! Keep those posts coming!


  5. Hi Annabelle. It looks like you are a natural already.


  6. I LOVE your hiding spot, A. You are very funny with your little ear sticking up from your mama’s jacket. You are very brave sailing on a boat all the time. Once, I almost stepped in a puddle.

    Love and licks,


  7. Diane Sargent says:

    Good start on your blog, Annabelle !
    Keeping watch is an important job you know, and you have Big Paws to follow.
    So try to keep both 👀 open….
    Baci back at you….


  8. Lovely photos Annabelle! So good that your right at home on the oceans! 😎❤️


  9. Carolyn says:

    You look like you are adjusting to boat life really well and I love your snuggle spot!


  10. 15andmeowing says:

    Glad you let the fishy go 🙂


  11. Dear Annabelle, We are so glad you are continuing in your big brother Bailey’s pawprints, and you look very alert in your mum’s jacket! We look forward to your further dispatches, dear little one.

    So glad you let the big fish go to live another day! Pat


  12. So nice to meet you Annabelle. I think it’s wonderful that you will be taking care of your humans from the deck of a new boat AND visiting Bailey from time to time on the farm too. We hope to see lots of photos of your adventures and travels AND the new boat too!

    Hugs, Teddy


  13. So nice to meet you Annabelle.. I have followed Bailey for a long time now and I am glad you have his same sarcasm, I mean , style of saying things. I will check out your video. I must ask. I know Bailey had a cat box for his potty chore but what do you do being on a boat.?


  14. The Swiss Cats says:

    Nice to meet you, Annabelle ! We’re looking forward to following your adventures ! Purrs


  15. Ciao Annabelle, nice to meet you! I’ve been reading Bailey’s blog for quite a while, but I do look forward to read about your adventures! Bailey promised to pop in every now an than, so that’s cool =^.^= Well done, to let the Spearfish live! I wish you fair winds, take care!


  16. Sherry Sparling says:

    Great to meet you Annabelle! I love reading What Bailey has to tell. I look forward to hearing about your families adventures. We own a 35 ft. C&C and I am learning how to sail.


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