Happy Birthday Brofur Bailey!

Dear furiends,

I hope you will all help me wish brofur Bailey the happiest of birthdays!

I can’t believe he’s eight years old today!

We all spoke to each other on Facetime this morning and Bailey enjoyed a meaty brunch to celebrate. He’s spent the day lounging around with cousin Ria and Dexter and he’s very happy!

Mum left his presents with him when she visited last week and he’s delighted with them (and a little high on cat nip)!

We have been a little bit quiet here because we are absolutely melting. We’ve been suffering with a heatwave in Spain and I’ve spent most of my time like this…

We have all been losing our coats faster than mum can brush us or hoover and it’s driving dad crazy!

However, we are all looking forward to this weekend because we will get a breeze through our fur again as we are setting sail for the Balearic Islands. The humans have three weeks off work and we’re going sailing!

Happy Birthday dear Bailey!

We all LOVE you more than dog treats!

Baci, Annabelle xoxo

(and April and Blue xoxo)


  1. Ra Husquiberian says:

    Happy birthday Bailey!


  2. Happy Birthday sweet Bailey! XO

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  3. Happy Birthday Bailey! ❤️😍

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  4. Edie Chase says:

    Happy Birthday Bailey!!!

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  5. Diane Sargent says:

    Bailey HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It seems like you luv living in the countryside, don’t you?
    Will you ever return to sailing, or is England the place for you?
    AND, please an update on Dexter, is he totally OK now?

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  6. Happy Birthday Admiral Bailey!

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  7. Happy Birthday to Bailey!


  8. Happy Purrthday Bailey – and many more !


  9. catladymac says:

    Happy Purrthday, Bailey ! And many more !


  10. Marlee Linford-Sakal says:

    Happy birthday, dear Bailey!

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  11. Happy Birthday, B. Hope you had a great day!

    Stay cool, A.

    Love and licks,

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  12. Carol A. Gegner says:

    Happiest of Birthdays 🎂 Bailey. So glad to see your pretty face again.


  13. Dear Bailey, Happy Birthday, and many more, dear buddy! Glad you are enjoying your shore leave.

    Annabelle, we wish you and your crew fair winds on the way to the Balearic Islands!

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  14. Happy Birthday Bailey!!!


  15. Happy Happy Birthday to you!

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  16. Happy Birthday Bailey! Mia misses you and your adventures!

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  17. Happy birthday to Bailey!

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  18. We too wish a most happy birthday to dear Bailey and we wish all of you HAPPY SAILING Annabelle!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  19. Nancy Davis says:

    Love me some Bailey, happy birthday sweetie! Love all of you!

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  20. The Swiss Cats says:

    Happy Birthday Bailey, we hope you had a wonderful celebration ! Purrs


  21. Happy purrfday!


  22. A few days later, but coming from my heart: Happy Birthday, Bailey ! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day =^.^=


  23. I haven’t heard from Bailey in a long time! I hope he’s OK…


  24. Hi Bailey, we were thinking of you and came by to see if there was any new news. Hope your well.


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