Paw around Sea Shepherd’s Brigitte Bardot!

I had a pawesome day yesterday when I was invited aboard the Brigitte Bardot, one of Sea Shepherd’s ships! I loved the guided paw around the boat! I got to look out from the bridge… I also got to check out all the controls and sit in the captain’s chair! The best bit was meeting […]

Home sweet home!

Furiends I’m home! We literally arrived 20 minutes ago! You’ll all be pleased to know that I DID find the cat nip! The Gramps gave me a purrfect new toy with fresh nip inside! Today I enjoyed the ferry ride even more than the first time! It was quite a rough day so I felt […]

Starstruck on Caturday!

My humans have had an excellent day at the Southampton boat show. They met one of my favorite pawthours and most respected British sailing mentors…Tom Cunliffe! He was on a table right next door to my human! He also very kindly posed with my humans, my book and Blue! My humans met so many other […]

Being a celebrity is pawesome… I got invited to Jupiter!

Furiends I was very honoured to be invited to Jupiter today! Yes Jupiter! She’s a beautiful Jupiter 30 sailboat and I had a pawesome time! She was built in Guernsey in 1990 and I think she’s beautiful! Her humans Mandy and Paul have been cruising for two years and are currently on the pontoon opposite […]

Carnival de Nice!

The humans went to the carnival last night and took lots of photos! It’s actually really pawesome so I thought I’d share some with you! This year is the 130th carnival and the theme is “King of Gastronomy”. Bisous Bailey

Pawesome presents and hope for the hole!

I’m so happy! The humans brought me a present back from the boat show. A book all about cats on ships! It’s such a thoughtful present and I know I’m going to love reading all about the adventurous felines that have lived on boats throughout history. Mum’s dad also picked out his purrfect present at […]

The humans spotted ME at the boat show!

The humans are back from the London Boat Show. They couldn’t wait to blurt out that they spotted ME there! How strange, that’s impossible. I hear you cry. Well obviously it wasn’t the real me, but a picture of me on a poster publicising new books from Adlard Coles Nautical and my book is there […]

Beautiful boats at the London Boat Show!

The humans are having a great time at the London Boat Show! There’s so many beautiful boats to see. They love the Cornish Crabbers and the Drascombe. (The Drascombe even had a picture of a boat cat next to it!) I’ve gently reminded them they have work today as well, they can’t spend all day […]

Paws in the sand!

It’s cooling down a lot here in the South of France. We’re lucky to be having bright sunny days for the most part, but the temperature has dropped down to around 10C. The humans are enjoying beautiful hot days in Brisbane and it’s making me long for the summer days we spent having fun on […]

Swimming with dolphins!

As most of you already know the humans and I love dolphins! We’ve been very lucky to have them swimming alongside Nocturne on a couple of occasions! You can see how pawesome it was in my delighted by dolphins post! Well last week my lucky humans had the pleasure of swimming with them! They went […]