Dona Nobis Pacem #blog4peace

Today I’m purring for peace along with bloggers all over the world I’m taking part in the Blog Blast for Peace. Dona Nobis Pacem means grant us peace in Latin. I’m very lucky to live close to nature and be blessed to see the beauty and peace that the ocean provides. There is nowhere more […]

Happy World Oceans Day!

Furiends it’s a special day! A day to celebrate our beautiful oceans and make a pledge to protect them! I’m sticking with the same pledge I made last year because there’s still plenty of room for for the humans and I to improve and I feel very passionately about it. I’d also like to raise […]

Speaking out for sharks

I’m really sad at the moment. There are some humans that are, in my whiskery opinion, making a grave mistake. They’re killing sharks! I’m horrified by this. It’s especially worrying since many of the majestic ‘kings of the ocean’ are already endangered. Some more intelligent humans are rallying this weekend to fight for the rights […]

The blue planet!

Happy Earth Day everyone! For me, the ocean is the heart of our blue planet. That’s why I’m so happy and privileged to be a boat cat! Onboard Nocturne we recycle as much as possible and try to use environmentally friendly products. (I even have natural wood bedding which I use for my litter.) We […]

Happy World Water Day!

Today is World Water Day! It aims to raise awareness of the importance of water cooperation internationally. Water is a shared resource and vitally important for all of us to survive. The UNESCO World Water Day strives to promote the awareness that effective management of rivers and waterways that cross countries and political boundaries is […]