Fishing for the first time with April!

The best thing about being back on Nocturne is the fact that I can chill out and watch the fish all day! Sometimes though it’s fun to catch the fish if only to say ‘hi’! I decided it would be fun to introduce April to the fish and teach her they are furiends… we always […]

Watching out for Santa Paws

Season’s greetings!

Hanging out!

Cosmic catnip bubbles!

I know lots of you were blown away by the catnip bubbles that I received as a gift. I’d never heard of them before but they’re really pawesome! I’ve been trying to get some good photos of me playing with them but my humans are hopeless and this was the best they could do… Lots […]

Mouse attack!

I’ve had a great day today! I’ve got a new mouse and I’ve been jumping for joy! I think I can safely say I killed the last mouse… Even though it was pretty disgusting I still carried it around the flat in the hope the human would take the hint and get me a new […]

Feather Friday!

This morning we had a welcome thunderstorm here in the marina which cooled things down for a little bit temporarily. It’s been very hot again this afternoon though. I found a feather which has been a great source of fun! The humans were laughing at me… But they haven’t quite yet learnt that it’s the […]

What to pack for an adventure!

I’ve been organising and packing today for our upcoming adventures. My humans always pack for a trip right at the last minute, but I like to be organised and ready to go with no stress. The most important thing on the list is of course my passport. Because we travel between France and Italy we […]

Tunnel vision.

I’m missing sailing very much at the moment and can’t wait until we head off for another couple of weeks next month. I’m stuck in the flat while the humans go to work and since only boring cats get bored, I occupy myself with all my tiger toys! The trouble is, sometimes I can get […]

Home from cat camp!

I’ve just got home from cat camp! I’m soo happy to have my humans back! Dad came with mum to pick me up, which meant I was allowed to poke my head out of my travel case on the way home! It was nice for him to see cat camp, because usually it’s mum that […]