The humans were very amused to see the locals waiting for their breakfast outside the fishmongers this morning… They didn’t have to wait long, they obviously have their humans well trained! I decided to eat what the locals eat so I set my humans a fishing task…it took them a while but I was proud […]

Complicated cooking!

I don’t think I’ve told you yet about the humans complicated cooking at the moment. WELL, our oven on Nocturne has never worked since we’ve had the boat. It needs a new part from America to be fixed, but the humans have never managed to actually get the part. (Dad was refusing to get a […]

Treats on Tuesday!

Furiends I’ve heard from the humans, they’ve made it to Australia and they’re sweltering in the heat. It’s quite rude of them to brag about that though since it’s so chilly here in Rome! They’re so happy to be spending time with their good furiends, but of course they miss me heaps. They’ve promised me […]

Healthy eating

Mum left us yesterday and one of the points on her list of things to do was to make sure we both eat healthily. She made sure there was fresh fruit and veggies for dad and lots of my tasty biscuits. I’ve been quality controlling the fresh food… However, if dad gives me plenty of […]

Pawful provisioning!

We’re hoping if the weather holds we can sail to Ponza for about a week on Saturday! So obviously we need to provision. Normally, since we’re in the marina most of the time, the humans pop to the supermarket nearly every other day for fresh things. When we really start cruising this isn’t going to […]

Harringtons give pawesome prizes!

Furiends remember Basil from Harringtons very kindly donated a prize for my birthday raffle in aid of the RNLI? Well his prize was won by Mieke in Milan, but as I mentioned before since she couldn’t get the food in Italy she kindly agreed to swap with my fur cousins who won a book. They […]

Traumatic tummy talks!

Remember last summer the humans were concerned because I lost a fair bit of weight quite quickly? I talked about it here in Slimming down for the summer. Well recently I’ve been having quite the opposite problem! They’ve accused me of having a tubby tummy! A jelly belly? Me? I might have found my treats […]

Pawesome praise all round for Harringtons pet food!

Furiends remember my pal Basil sent me some of his cat food to try? I told you all about how much I loved it in my post Paws up for Harringtons pet food Well I gave the sample bags, that he kindly sent me, to some of my French furiends. I’m sure that most of […]

Sailor salad!

Tomorrow we’re setting off for Rome… In preparation for our sailing adventure I’ve been making sure that I stay fit and even though I eat healthy Science Plan food, I’ve been wondering if I could complement my diet. Last night I found some salad on the side. So I decided to steal sample some. I’ve […]

Lets get cooking!

We use gas to cook onboard Nocturne. We have an oven and three burner rings. Unfortunately since we’ve been on Nocturne the oven has never worked! It’s an American oven (because Nocturne was based in Seattle for most of her life) and needs parts from America to be fixed. I’m hoping that by telling everyone […]