Please sleep for me too tonight!

The wind is howling through our rigging here at the moment, it’s such a beautiful sound when your safely snuggled up inside. The swell is also starting to pick up. This evening a 2.5 metre swell is forecast to roll directly into our marina entrance. We’re going to have a rough night here aboard Noccy! […]

Who turned out all the lights?

Furiends, I’ve spent the day in the dark… OK not literally in the dark since the sun was shining and actually our lights are LED and powered by Nocturne herself, but we’ve not had any electricity from the pontoon! Apparently the humans received an email weeks ago informing them that the marina’s electricity would be […]

Surging into the weekend!

The sea is very rough at the moment and it’s causing a big surge in our marina, so I’ve spent most of today sleeping! It’s nice to actually have an excuse for once! It doesn’t bother me or the humans at all, well except for being a little noisy where the lines are rubbing… We […]

Exploring the broken pontoons

I can’t quite believe it’s Friday already! This week has gone quite quickly for me because I’ve been so busy and I’m willing Monday to come so that dad will be back and we’ll be setting off again! Today I’ve had a great time exploring the broken pontoons here in the marina. Luckily, I think […]

Safely tied alongside in a spider’s web!

Yesterday we sailed out of the bay to a small atoll and the humans entertained themselves snorkelling while I chilled out under the dinghy. I love my spot there because when the humans come back aboard I can spy on them through the hatch without them knowing I’m there! We anchored last night and then […]

We made an office!

Furiends I mentioned before that we were converting what used to be a dumping ground for boxes and piles of clothes into an office space for mum. It was actually a very fun little project. I’m not going to show you the before photo because the disorganised jumble was far too embarrassing, but I will […]

John and Bobbie are here!

I’ve been waiting for today for so long! John and Bobbie our very dear furiends are finally here! I’m so happy! They flew from Windsor to Toronto then onto London. In London they got their last connection for a flight down to us here in Rome! They’re very tired but very happy to be here. […]

Gymnastics under the vee-berth!

Today we’ve had a big laundry day and as mum was pulling off all the bedding, dad decided to get out some of our storm sails to have a look at them. This meant there was a great spot under the vee-berth for me to explore! I literally got really into it! I even tried […]

Choosing a new berth!

Today we’ve all finally agreed on a new berth for Atlantia when she comes. It’s a complicated decision considering we live aboard and we don’t want lots of noise or annoyances. There are pros and cons to most pontoons and we’ve run though long lists of what we like and don’t like. The layout of […]

We’re buying a BIGGER boat!

Furiends I’m very happy to tell you all that we’re buying a bigger boat! Her name is Atlantia. She’s a Formosa 51, and she’s absolutely beautiful! She’s been around the world with her current owners, Will and Margaret, and they’ve very kindly agreed to let me use a couple of their photos to show you. […]