Boxes galore!

Dear furiends, thank you so much for all of your kind comments and well wishes. We’ve been busy today cleaning and unpacking but there’s still the new furniture to unpack and assemble. I’ve been busy trying to find my ‘spot’, I can’t quite decide where’s best to chill out yet. I’ve not got my cat […]

All packed but not quite ready to go!

Today we’ve got the van all packed and bought and packed one of everything from IKEA! We’re just making sure that Nocturne is OK now before we leave her tomorrow. We’re all feeling a mixture of emotions because of course in a purrfect world we wouldn’t be moving off the boat, but we’re going to […]

Choosing a new berth!

Today we’ve all finally agreed on a new berth for Atlantia when she comes. It’s a complicated decision considering we live aboard and we don’t want lots of noise or annoyances. There are pros and cons to most pontoons and we’ve run though long lists of what we like and don’t like. The layout of […]

We’re buying a BIGGER boat!

Furiends I’m very happy to tell you all that we’re buying a bigger boat! Her name is Atlantia. She’s a Formosa 51, and she’s absolutely beautiful! She’s been around the world with her current owners, Will and Margaret, and they’ve very kindly agreed to let me use a couple of their photos to show you. […]

Box heaven!

The humans are in the good books today! They’ve bought me lots of new boxes! Since space on the boat is limited, organisation is the key to an easy life! They’ve got boxes of all shapes and sizes to be burrowed away in lots of different places. Another great thing about these boxes means whatever […]

We made it safely to the boat!

I’m on my way!!!

As you read this furiends I’ll be on the road somewhere between Nice and Rome! I’m on the way to live on my beloved Nocturne. I can’t wait to tell you all about it soon! Bisous Bailey

Racing to hit the road!

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a mess! It’s our last day in the flat. The agency are coming tomorrow morning to collect the keys and then we’re hitting the road to Rome! We’re still nowhere near ready! There are piles everywhere! The pile by the door is my favourite, it’s one of […]

Furtabulous Friday leads us into our last weekend in France!

Today’s been a lovely productive day and that makes my humans happy and in turn I’m also happy! My mum’s been whinging that nothing is easy in France with all the paperwork that she’s been having to sort out before we leave. I don’t think she’s being very nice when she says that, especially since […]

Horrified by dog tags!

Well furiends I’m in need or your support and sympathy today. The humans came back yesterday with dog tags for me! I’m horrified! I do NOT want to wear them! There’s a small one to go on a collar… Yes… A COLLAR! I’ve also got a bigger one to go on my harness (when I’m […]