I’m in Reader’s Digest!

Furiends I’m so excited to tell you that I’m in Reader’s Digest! They’ve said some really nice things about me and used one of the photos I’m most proud of. Me climbing back aboard Nocturne after a swim! To read and enjoy the slide show just click here! Bisous, Bailey

Introducing Sharkie and Blue!

Today is a special day furiends! I’d like to introduce you all to Sharkie and Blue! As you know the humans are off to the Southampton Boat Show to pawtograph copies of my book on my behalf… Since I won’t be going on this trip I’m going to be sending Sharkie and Blue to snoopervise […]

Book signing!

At the end of the week my humans are flying to the UK to go to the Southampton boat show. My human will be pawtographing copies of my book on my behalf on Caturday and Sunday. I hope that whoever sees her will be nice to her. I know if any of my furiends are […]

American book launch- winners!

Wow what a day we’ve had furiends! The party is still going strong and now we also have the five winners of a copy of my book to concatulate! To ensure the competition was 100% fair (due to the fact I’m in a different time zone than lots of you and wasn’t always able to […]

USA book launch PARTY!

Welcome to my USA book launch party furiends! Today is such an exciting day! I know lots of you have preordered your copy and I hope that the post has arrived on time and you have your paws on your copy! Since it’s such a special day I’ve got some culinary delights in store for […]

Human error!

Yesterday we went for a beautiful day sail. It was purrfect conditions and we had a great time enjoying our graceful Nocturne in her element. We had our gennaker and our mainsail up. (Some of you may remember we were longing for a gennaker but it turned out, what the silly humans thought was a […]


I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend furiends! We’ve been out sailing today so my weekend has been pawesome! (Although we had quite a major hitch today, which I’ll tell you all about tomorrow!) I usually don’t talk on Sunday but today there’s just far to much to say! It’s only two days until my […]

Caturday Competition time!

Furiends I’ve had some questions asking who can enter the competition to celebrate my American book launch…and the answer is evfurryone! Whether you’re human, furry, feathered or scaled and of course any nationality. All the details are in my post American Dream- win a copy of my book! I’m not American but I love the […]

Exciting weekend ahead!

It’s going to be a very exciting weekend furiends as there’s already been some PAWESOME entries for my American Dream photo competition. You can find out all the details of how to enter in yesterday’s post here. Make sure you vote for your favourite entries by clicking like next to their photo on my Facebook […]

American Dream- win a copy of my book!

Furiends! In just under a week my book is going to be launched in America! Although, so far, I’ve never put my paw on American soil, I really feel like I’m living the American Dream! As most of you know I’m French which is why I send you all bisous (kisses) daily. My humans are […]