Shiney new shroud!

We’ve got a shiney new shroud! The old one had a broken strand… It doesn’t look too bad but obviously it could become a big problem so it needed to be sorted. I packed the humans off in the dinghy to go and get a new one made. It was all done and dusted in […]

A new starter motor!

We’ve been busy getting Noccy ready for our trip to Greece and one thing that had been bugging me was the starter motor. Nocturne has a new engine which runs purrfectly but recently every now and then, when we go to turn on the engine, it hasn’t been starting straight away. Now obviously this is […]

My human got a Phantom 3 Professional and I got two new boxes!

My human is very excited because his birthday present finally arrived! He’s very lucky. Mum and I got him a Phantom 3 Professional. He’s not as lucky as me though because I got a box within a box! The more I’ve learnt about the Phantom, the more I’ve realised how PAWESOME it is! The humans […]

Thank you Raymarine for my new box!

I’d like to publicly thank the very kind humans at Raymarine for sending me a PAWESOME new box! We had to send our e7 (the chart plotter) back to be fixed because it had a problem with the rotary knob. Raymarine replaced the keypad which includes the knob because it was faulty. They were fantastic […]

Grieving for our Gennacker.

Furiends I have sad news. You may remember back in September we had our gennacker up (after a small sail repair) but it gave way and ripped nearly in two! I wrote about it here. The humans finally got around to taking it to the very talented sail-maker here, and he said he would try […]

Ready, Set, Wear it!

This week is safe boating week and today all around the world people and pets are participating in Ready, Set, Wear it, a campaign to promote wearing lifejackets at sea and inland waterways. I thought I’d enjoy the day by sharing some of my lifejacket photos with you all. I actually have three of them […]

Luxurious lazarettes

We have tons of storage on Noccy and one place I love to explore and hangout is in the lazarettes. They’re basically storage lockers used for all our sailing and boat equipment that we need fairly handy. They’re accessed through a hatch under where we sit in the cockpit. The lazarettes provide access to the […]


The boom is the long pole that’s attached to the mast and runs along the foot of a rigged sail. It’s used to stabilise the sail and can also have other control lines attached to it. It can be very dangerous when sailing if the wind suddenly changes and it swings across to the other […]

Anchor balls.

A vessel of more than seven metres must display an anchor ball. If it’s dark then an all round white light must be displayed. Our anchor light is pawesome. It’s at the top of our mast and it’s an LED light that uses nearly no power which is great for us since the humans insist […]

Vee-berth improvements!

Dad was a busy bee yesterday and among other things, he sorted out the vee-berth. This is where the humans sleep, and they swear it’s the comfiest bed in the whole world! The only trouble was it was getting very humid with the difference in temperature inside and outside the cabin. So underneath, the mattress […]