Sharkie and Blue are looking for a new adventure!

Furiends it’s been 10 months since Sharkie and Blue last went on holiday to Vietnam. They helped us move in April and since then they’ve been taking it easy in the office. They had a great time in America with my brofur and sisfurs over at The Cat On My Head a couple of years […]

Sharkie and Blue are enjoying Phu Quoc!

Furiends I’ve heard from Sharkie and Blue and it sounds like they’re having a blast in Phu Quoc. They took an hour flight, very early this morning, to the beautiful island and they’re loving it. They are staying for two nights before returning to Ho Chi Minh to get their flight to Dubai. They’ve already […]

Sharkie and Blue’s American adventures continue!

Sharkie and Blue are having a pawesome time with my brofur and sisfurs over at The Cat on my Head. The lucky things were invited on a bike ride! I’m quite nervous that they’re having such a great time across the pond. They won’t want to swim home to me! Bisous, Bailey

Sharkie and Blue’s adventures in West Palm Beach

Sharkie and Blue have been having a pawesome time in West Palm Beach. They’ve been thoroughly enjoying the car rental! They love the exotic trees… They’ve enjoyed a few BBQ’s. They’ve really loved sending me selfies of them lounging by the pool! But like me they’re naturally drawn to the ocean! Sharkie and Blue are […]

Caturday kindness to dogs!

Sharkie and Blue have met and spent time with Mabel today. She was very fond of Blue and gave him lots of kisses. Sharkie had great fun with Polly! Blue said she was very funny! Dad and I have got the table down and we’re lounging watching films on the sofa bed! We have a […]

Sharkie and Blue meet Ria!

As you know my mum is in Cornwall helping her mum after her spinal surgery. I sent Sharkie and Blue with mum to keep her company on her travels and to meet my fur cousins. They’ve loved meeting cousin Ria today. There’s three German Shepherds so of course within the pack there’s a hierarchy… Ria […]

Out of this world!

This is the final instalment of the adventures of Sharkie and Blue at the Southampton boat show! Just a few photos to show that they had some adventures that were truly out of this world! They got to hang out with some aliens! They also swam with some scarily tall sailors. They made furiends with […]