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Little furry me!


  1. Hi Bailey – this looks lovely! My folks just bought a boat were going to liven on it soon. So far i have travelled around England in their campervan and love adventures and arriving in new places for the first time. Their hopeng i will take to sea-life as well.
    meows from Cheshire Cat
    (please tell me where you got the little life-jacket and harness from? Cheshire needs one of these!ta. deb)


  2. Leslie Pomerantz says:

    Hi Bailey! I just found out about you 1 week ago. In my free time I have read all your blogs, from the first one in Aug. 2012 up to the latest one. I really enjoyed reading them and seeing all the beautiful pictures. I just love you! You are beautiful! I really like your Mom and Dad too! I have 3 Siamese cats. I live in the United States. I ordered your book on Amazon. I cannot wait to get it! I am so happy that you and your parents are now living on your boat. Stay safe Bailey! I look forward to hearing about all your adventures!
    Your friend, Leslie


    • Oh thank you so much Leslie! I have no idea how but this comment ended up in the moderate comments, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! I really hope you enjoy my book! It’s so pawesome to have a new furiend! =^.^=


  3. Hi Bailey & co!
    I am a ragdoll, enjoying boat life on my motorboat at the Swedish west coast along with my two humans. It seems like you have a lot of experience regarding life jackets for cats and I would love to know your opinions about the “normal” one and the Critters inflatable. Do you like it? Is it easy to move when using it? In general I hate life vests but my humans keep bugging me about it. They really want me to wear one so I thought I’d give it one more chance. Thank you for your time.
    Love from Captain Keso.


  4. Dear Bailey

    I am a Ragdoll enjoying great times on my motorboat along the West coast in Sweden with my two humans. It seems like you have a lot of experience of life jackets and my humans keep bugging me about getting one. Do you have any recommendations? Which one suits you the best; the regular model or the critters inflatable? Do you find them easy to wear?

    Thanks for the inspiration and for your answers! 🙂

    With love from Captain Keso


  5. Ahoy, Bailey! I was very surprised to find you, because you look just like my fictional Xander, who is Catamondo’s first Sea Purrtector. Xander was based on our real-life Rom, who is on the cover of The Red Claw and Purr-a-Noia. If you are interested in reading an e-book, please contact me


  6. karen allwood says:

    I love your life jacket, it looks sleek and not cumbersome, can you tell me the brand and where I can purchase one. We’re bringing our cat aboard the “Ladybug” this winter for 10 weeks and she will be getting her sea legs and everything else to do with a boat for the first time, so we need to keep her safe. Thank you Bailey. Karen


    • Hi Karen it depends where in the world you are I have several different life jackets, my favourite one was bought in a small pet store in France. All the info can be found on my FAQs page.


  7. Sabine Klemann says:

    Hi Bailey

    Excuse my English, I’m from Berlin, and can not so good English.

    I congratulate you on your birthday !!

    Wish you much pleasure on your excursions and good health.

    I am also a Siamese. In face we are very similar, could be twins. I’m just a little darker and stronger.

    Mum has told some of your pictures …. that I could be. So similar we are.

    Unfortunately we have no boat. But my Mum walks a lot with me on a leash. And so I’ve seen a lot.

    Have fun on your birthday.

    Best wishes
    Kater Stöpsel and Mum


  8. Deborah White says:

    Hi Bailey..We’re 2 siamese boys: Charlie (seal point 7yrs old) and Oliver (1 year old blue point), our mum (Deb) has been telling us all about your blog for weeks. We think she’s adicted but we love hearing about your adventures becuase we’d like to do similar.
    We’ve been pestering her to drop you a note.. We live with our Mum in Wiltshire, UK. Our mum loves sailing and she keeps going off doing her yachtmaster qualifications and crazy things like RORC races leaving us with our grand humans in Bristol (we don’t mind becuase we get lots of treats from them!). Our mum has her own boat, it’s not as big as Nocturne, its only 25 ft but it’s enough just for the 3 of us for a weekend. However recently she told us we’re moving permanently to the Solent area because of her work very soon. We’re looking forward to living near the beach and doing lots more sailing very soon.. We’re already kitted out with our little life jackets just like yours Bailey. We have super cute photos of us in our lifecjackets. Bit embarrassed though because our mum put our photos on Facebook. .parents !

    We are, however, really enjoying picking up tips from you about how to wrap humans round dew claws.. essential reading!

    Keep up the fab posts!

    Bisous Oliver and Charlie (and our mum Deb)



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