I’m frequently asked if I’d like to advertise or test things on my blog because lots of companies realise how pawesome you (my furiends) are. I usually turn most of these offers down, as I don’t feel they’re appropriate or relevant to us. I genuinely believe the following companies are purrfect for my furiends and me.

Fuel Guard Logo

Fuel Guard is going to transform our fuel system and ensure that we’re safe. Thank you Fuel Guard for banishing diesel bug from Nocturne!

I was the proud winner of a Critters Inflatables life jacket back in 2013 and loved it so much that I asked them if they would consider donating one to the lucky winner of my birthday raffle that I held in order to raise money for the RNLI. They very kindly agreed and their donation was the top prize in my 2014 birthday raffle!

Critter's Inflateables

Would you like to sponsor me or send me furry mice? If it’s sailing or pet related I’m happy to do honest reviews and blog all about it! I can also share across all my media platforms. Visit my ‘Contact Me’ page for my paw print.

Bisous, Bailey

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