Dreaming of Dinghy Devils!

Dinghy Devil De-escalation!

Furiends as you know relations between myself and the dinghy devils have been tense to say the least over the years. They constantly heckle me and try to land on my beautiful Noccy. They know just how to wind me up and on more than one occasion I’ve had to show them who’s boss! I’m […]

My first Caturday as an Ambassador!

Happy Caturday furiends! I’ve had a wonderful day playing with all of my new toys! My new Dinghy Devil furiend and I discussed what we thought his name should be… …we decided on a VERY appropriate name! He shall now be known affectionately as Diablo! (Diablo means devil in Spanish!) We’re great furiends already! I’ve […]

Sunny silence

It’s very quiet here aboard Nocturne without mum here nagging chatting away! I’ve been enjoying the sunshine in the cockpit and watching over what’s happening in the marina. It’s so nice to have some quiet time to contemplate the big things in life, like how many cat naps to take a day and how to […]

Defending the ducks from the dinghy devils!

Normally when we sail away the humans and I like to keep moving and visit lots of different places. They haven’t sorted out the ‘work thing’ yet, so we always have to get back to our base marina within a few weeks. We’ve been in Portoferraio for four full days now though. We LOVE it […]

Warning to the dinghy devils!

Paws crossed we shall be setting sail on Thursday. I will not be tolerating any hitch hiking dinghy devils! I’ve considered this decision for a millisecond, but I remain firm… Dinghy devils are NOT welcome! If you disregard my wishes feathery fiends I will not be held responsible for my actions! Have a pawesome week […]

Securing the stern from a dinghy devil invasion!

Pizza and moonlit walks!

On dad’s birthday we’d intended to have a BBQ to celebrate but the wind really picked up. With gusts of 24 knots the humans decided to get pizza instead! I’ve never seen such a big pizza! It didn’t last long, so it must’ve been tasty! I was very happy to go for a nice moonlit […]

Dinghy devil distress!

I’ve been very busy today scaring off the dinghy devils… They’re EVERYWHERE! It doesn’t matter how many times I patrol the decks, these silly feathered fiends keep circling and back chatting when I tell them to go away! It’s a full time job keeping them at bay! It’s pawesome doing a job in paradise though! […]

Dinghy devils driving me crazy!

I’ve spend most of the day watching the stupidly annoying dinghy devils through the window. They keep sitting on top of a lamppost just outside of my balcony! Is nowhere safe from their devilish ways? I can’t wait to get back on the boat and defend my beautiful Nocturne from them! I hope you all […]