Food fantasies!

The start of a new week always makes me feel like anything is possible. I’m going to be getting the humans back very soon now and bribing them to give me the biggest feast of my life! I’ve enjoyed cat camp but I’ve really missed my treats and occasional tidbits! My favourite is chicken and […]

Healthy eating

Mum left us yesterday and one of the points on her list of things to do was to make sure we both eat healthily. She made sure there was fresh fruit and veggies for dad and lots of my tasty biscuits. I’ve been quality controlling the fresh food… However, if dad gives me plenty of […]

Pawful provisioning!

We’re hoping if the weather holds we can sail to Ponza for about a week on Saturday! So obviously we need to provision. Normally, since we’re in the marina most of the time, the humans pop to the supermarket nearly every other day for fresh things. When we really start cruising this isn’t going to […]

Sailor salad!

Tomorrow we’re setting off for Rome… In preparation for our sailing adventure I’ve been making sure that I stay fit and even though I eat healthy Science Plan food, I’ve been wondering if I could complement my diet. Last night I found some salad on the side. So I decided to steal sample some. I’ve […]

Too tired for treats?

When the humans don’t have to go to the mystery place they call work they can be quite difficult to wake up. Both my humans seem to be decidedly more feline than I am enjoying extremely long cat naps curled up in our comfy vee-berth. I’ve had to come with creative ways to wake them […]

Good times with good friends!

Mum has popped down to Rome for a quick visit and left me here in Nice. Mum and dad were invited to dinner last night with our good friends Carole and Guilliano. They had fish soup! I’m so jealous! I wish I was there. They’re our neighbours a few boats along the pontoon. I love […]

Eating like a King!

One great thing about cat camp is that I’m eating like a King! The nice lady feeds me at the same time everyday! Really really nice food. I have the same Science Plan biscuits that I have at home as well as some pawesome cat meat! At home I have to remind the humans to […]

Food fit for an admiral

I’m very relieved today to see a HUGE bag of food arrive, because once again I was fast running out of my favourite biscuits. The humans and I are always so busy and sometimes my little Tupperware box of biscuits gets scarily low before the new shiny bag arrives. Well this should be avoided for […]

The Boat Galley Cookbook photo-shoot!

We’ve had a fairly lazy day today aboard Nocturne, everyone was tired after a busy week. I had a small photo-shoot outside to show how much I love our new Boat Galley Cookbook because the lovely ladies that wrote it, from The Boat Galley and Commuter Cruiser, were happy with the first photo and we […]

Berserk for beans

My mum made chilli for our friend Elizabeth this evening. As they sat down to eat their dinner I hopped up onto the side and saw half a tin of kidney beans. My humans are usually such spoil sports hiding the meat away faster than I can lick my lips but tonight was different. The […]