Thank you furiends and an apology!

Dear furiends, thank you to everyone that has volunteered to pawticipate in Caturday Connections. The next few weeks and months are going to be very exciting with all the pawesome interviews that are lining up. I will try to get a message or an email to you all over the next few days. I’m currently […]

Darcy is catnapping with us this evening!

Happy anniversary to Darcy’s mum and dad! Since they have been so kind puppy sitting for us… tonight, we are toddler sitting for them. I love Darcy! Today she had fun doing crafts with mum and playing ball with April! She’s fast asleep now and then we’ll get to play together again in the morning! […]

Living with Loki in preparation for sharing with my sister

Well the humans are back from Ireland and I’m shocked and disgusted to say that they didn’t bring me back a present. They brought my sister who hasn’t even come home yet a present though… Apparently it’s for both of us to share but it clearly shows a Border Collie on it not a Siamese! […]

Purring for my furiend Chantal

Today I’m sending lots of purrs to my furiend Chantal in Belgium. Chantal is my furiend Géry’s mum. She was recently diagnosed with cancer and today she’s having an operation to remove it. She’s such a lovely lady – she sends me treats and even toy mice! I love her! I hope that evfurrything goes […]

Thank you all, I’m over the moon!

Thank you evfurryone who sent positivity to my purrfect pal Robbie over the last 24 hours. I’m over the moon to tell you she’s out of surgery and the surgeon has said the operation was successful. It’s a huge relief and I’m so happy that soon all of the pawesome plans she and her family […]

Shivering in the snow!

I’ve just heard from my humans! They’re stuck in a very snowy London because their flights have been cancelled! They sent me a couple of photos because I’ve never seen the snow. Never ever! I think it looks soo pretty. My dad’s been doing a seminar all day and my mum went for lunch with […]

Last minute preparations and thank you!

Hello furriends! How are you all doing? Here, I’ve been very busy with the final preparations before Christmas. With both the humans still hard at work it’s fallen to me to hold it all together. Wrapping the last of the presents, making a list of yummy treats for the big day, shopping (mum helped me […]

Seeing stars!

Today I’m very happy and super chuffed to have recieved my third star in the blog of the year award! My second star came from the beautiful and inspiring Zoey from The life and times of Zoey and the third star arrived this morning from a new friend the Journey Man from The Broken Road. […]

Pawsome Awards!

I’m still fairly new to the blogging world so imagine just how chuffed I was when I realised I’ve been nominated for awards!   My first ever award!    It’s soo cool! I LOVE mice! Especially ones filled with nip!  Thank you Sammy for surprising me with this when I came home from cat camp!   Then […]

Thankful for furriends!

Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Europe, I think it’s a great holiday and appreciating everything that we are thankful for is a wonderful idea. I’m thankful for amazing furriends and family, my privileged traveling lifestyle, smooth sailing with following winds, protected anchorages and of course my cat treats!     Speaking of […]