Today April and Blue have been swimming! Properly swimming off the back of our motor boat on the lake! Some of you might remember that April is afraid of the water.. I told you all about it last year in April has a secret. BUT April is afraid of something even more than the water… […]

Hide and seek!

Today we’ve been playing hide and seek games with mum. I usually win, but today the winner by a mile was Thermi! Mum turned around and counted to 10 and Thermi disappeared so well that mum was really starting to worry! Mum thought she’d gone behind the bookshelves but couldn’t see how because the gap […]

Sharkie and Blue’s American adventures continue!

Sharkie and Blue are having a pawesome time with my brofur and sisfurs over at The Cat on my Head. The lucky things were invited on a bike ride! I’m quite nervous that they’re having such a great time across the pond. They won’t want to swim home to me! Bisous, Bailey

Pizza and moonlit walks!

On dad’s birthday we’d intended to have a BBQ to celebrate but the wind really picked up. With gusts of 24 knots the humans decided to get pizza instead! I’ve never seen such a big pizza! It didn’t last long, so it must’ve been tasty! I was very happy to go for a nice moonlit […]

Spooky Sailor!

I’m starting to think about my Halloween outfit. Lots of you (especially my American furiends!) are already sorted knowing exactly what you’ll be wearing for the deadly parties and I would like to be prepared! Last year I was a bit late because my silly humans nearly forgot! It’s not such a huge celebration here […]

Wistfully waiting for next weekend!

Hooray it’s Friday! That means many of you will be having a couple of days of chilling out and having fun. My humans are working and I’m wistfully waiting… You see I know I shouldn’t wish time away, but I really can’t wait for NEXT weekend because on Sunday we’ll be driving down to Rome […]

Tour of Rome!

Yesterday my humans went and did a tour of Rome. They showed mum’s dad and brother around because they’ve never been to the city before. It’s a beautiful place and I thought you might like to see some of the photos! They took the train into Rome, because from where we live on the boat […]

Duvet day

It’s a really grey and miserable day today and so once mum got back we decided to have a duvet day. Apparently for most humans, it means they snuggle up under the duvet and watch films and things. For me this means I stay on top, and play with the funny monster that lives beneath […]

It’s time for luck

Meowzers! I just realised it’s the 31st! It’s the end of the month. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?! A 12th of the year, done and dusted already! I wonder how many of you are keeping up your New Years resolutions? We’re such busy bees the month has seemed to fly by. 13 is […]

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!

Well it may be December, and I know many of you are struggling through snow and nasty weather, but here in Nice we’ve had a beautiful day. So I took my humans out for lunch on the beach! It was actually my first time on the beach and I loved it! It’s far too hot […]