Ria is in recovery

Ria is starting her long road to recovery at home now furiends. As you know, last week she had a hemilaminectomy. (I’d never heard of it either!) She had a herniated disk which needed surgery. Poor Ria has to stay confined to a crate for the next month except 10-15 minute toilet breaks on a […]

Thank you so much furiends… Ria has taken her first step towards a long recovery

Dear furiends, I’m overwhelmed and so grateful for all of your prayers and positive thoughts for my cousin Ria. She has had her operation today and she’s in recovery now. Her accident was actually a week ago and her local vet had been monitoring her, which is purrfectly normal, before she was sent to the […]

Polly is on the mend

As most of you know my cousin Polly was taken seriously ill a few days ago with bloat. I’m so happy to tell you that she’s now on the mend. She’s out of the critical time period and although she’s feeling a little sorry for herself she’s on the road to recovery. This is the […]

Please Pray for Polly

Furiends I’m very worried today because cousin Polly was rushed into emergency surgery last night around 11PM. She’s been dianosed with bloat which I’d never heard of before, but can be life threatening for dogs. It twisted her gut which is why she needed surgery. She’s out of surgery but hasn’t eaten anything yet and […]

An interview with cousin Ria!

Hi Ria, firstly I’d like to say thank you for putting up with my human this week. She’s loved being out in the field with you and your sisters. I’d also like to say thank you for talking to us today. No problem Bailey, I’m very excited to be on your blog. We’re very proud […]

Beautiful Blossom

Furiends I’m very pleased to introduce you to my new cousin, baby Blossom! She was born on the 5th of November and we’re all in love with her already. My humans are enjoying getting acquainted with Blossom and they’ve picked up some Christmas presents for me from my Cornish family! I’ll show you all tomorrow, […]

In loving memory of cousin Mabel

Furiends I’m very sad today because my beautiful cousin Mabel has crossed the rainbow bridge. She had CDRM or Chronic Degenerative Radiculo Myelopathy which is a progressive wasting disease that affects the hind limbs. She went for Hydrotherapy sessions which helped her stay active and maintain her muscle usage. I blogged about it here you […]

Woofies I’d like my human back now please!

I’ve enjoyed guy time but it’s definitely time for mum to come home now. I’ve asked my cousins to send her back. Mum will spend most of the day traveling tomorrow. She’ll take the train from Cornwall to London and then fly to Rome, so she should be with us at about 11PM. I’m looking […]

Sharkie and Blue meet Ria!

As you know my mum is in Cornwall helping her mum after her spinal surgery. I sent Sharkie and Blue with mum to keep her company on her travels and to meet my fur cousins. They’ve loved meeting cousin Ria today. There’s three German Shepherds so of course within the pack there’s a hierarchy… Ria […]