Happy Halloween Furiends!

I hope you’re all enjoying a spooktastic Halloween furiends! If you feel like a scary Count Catula giggle, you can enjoy this video again! Bisous from your white fanged furiend, Bailey

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween furiends! I’m feeling very devilish and hanging out with my ghostly buddy! Stay safe if you’re out trick or treating today! Bisous, Bailey

Preparing for spooky treats!

I’m very excited and preparing for treats! It’s not long until Halloween and I’ve spied some tasty treats being smuggled aboard! I’ve not decided on this years costume yet, last years Count Catula will be very hard to beat! Are you getting dressed up this Halloween? Bisous, Bailey

Happy Halloween from Count Catula!

Happy Halloween furiends! I hope you’re all having a spook-tastic day! Today I’m not Bailey… I’m the very scary Count Catula! Who has ghosts and ghouls to dispose of! I’m also very excited because it’s Film on Friday! I really hope you enjoy my spooky film! I hope you all stay safe and don’t get […]

Scare tactics!

I’m not known for being particularly scary but at this time of year I’m trying my hardest! Lots of you commented that my big blue eyes are just too furiendly so I tried closing them in an attempt to be more fearful… The humans said that just makes me look cute, so I tried hiding […]

Devil of the seven seas!

Happy Halloween 2013!

BOOOOOO! It’s Halloween and I’m feeling devilish! I thought I’d do some tricking and tell the turtles they had to make me laugh or I’d eat them… Michael-Angelo looked rather uninspired so I turned to Milo… He didn’t do anything funny either, so I told them I was going to decide on the best way […]

Turtle terror!

Evil eyes!

I’m very excited about Halloween! I don’t know if you’re aware but my eyes sometimes glow red! Most cats flash green or yellow but cats with blue eyes, typically lack a “tapetum lucidum”. (No I’m not really sure what that is either-something in the eyes!) Like humans our eyes produce the red eye effect! This […]