We’ve got a full house with 28 paws!

Furiends we’ve got a very full house at the moment with 24 paws, 28 if you count the humans! There’s myself and our house guest Loki, we don’t like to relax together but we enjoy singing the song of our people through the door to each other! Then there’s April and Blue… …Thermi and Bisque […]

Testing out Puppy Prison

Well furiends I couldn’t resist – I just had to test out Puppy Prison! I didn’t mind it, but I can’t imagine having to sleep in there at night like April will. It’s for the best though, I need my cat naps and alone time while the humans sleep. With April in the crate I’ll […]

Hide and seek!

Today we’ve been playing hide and seek games with mum. I usually win, but today the winner by a mile was Thermi! Mum turned around and counted to 10 and Thermi disappeared so well that mum was really starting to worry! Mum thought she’d gone behind the bookshelves but couldn’t see how because the gap […]

No love lost between the lobsters!

Furiends as I said before the lobsters have been fighting and I was hoping that their new palace would solve the problem, but unfortunately although they’re sisters there’s no love lost when it comes to prime palace real estate… They’ve had to be separated. So I’ve adjoined their old tiny space to the new palace […]

Christmas has come early for the lobsters!

My lobsters have been fighting a lot recently and my humans were worried that we were going to have to separate them into two cages. I suggested since we’re moving onto land in March we could get them a lobster palace and they’d be so happy that they’d stop fighting. Paws crossed, my plan has […]

Lobster selfies!

Brave Lobster

The scariest thing that happened to me this weekend involved my lobsters (Dwarf hamsters) I’d just had a delicious treat for Halloween… …and I was just settling down to have a snooze when Bisque the naughtier of the two lobsters jumped up on my back and ran all over me! I didn’t quite know what […]

My lobsters have names!

Thank you all for all of your pawesome suggestions for names for my two new Russian hamster sisfurs. I loved lots of them but the general consensus seemed to be to stick to a food chain, I mean theme. So I thought long and hard about it and then I realised… What could be tastier […]

New crew members on Nocturne!

Furiends I’m very happy and excited to introduce you to our new crew members on Nocturne! I’ve got two tiny new sisters! They’re so cool and lots of fun to watch. They’re not bothered by me at all… I would like them to be respectfully cautious ideally, but they’re just curious. If I’m one hundred […]