Surging into the weekend!

The sea is very rough at the moment and it’s causing a big surge in our marina, so I’ve spent most of today sleeping! It’s nice to actually have an excuse for once! It doesn’t bother me or the humans at all, well except for being a little noisy where the lines are rubbing… We […]

Out and about!

I’ve enjoyed a lovely sunset stroll this evening furiends! Since I enjoy hopping from boat to boat and not evfurryone wants a cat on their boat (I know! I don’t understand why either!) the humans prefer to take me for walks on my lead. It also means I can’t take a sneaky dip without them […]

Rainy days!

Furiends we are pretty much hibernating here aboard Noccy! The rain just hasn’t stopped at all! There are quite a few windy spells but thankfully no more sails in distress so far. Luckily for you it’s Film on Friday so you can see what it’s like here! The skies are so grey and ominous looking… […]

Sail team!

It’s been blowing a hooley here for the last few days. We’ve mostly been snuggled up aboard Nocturne, who’s been trying to dance around her lines, but yesterday disaster struck not one but TWO boats so I sent the humans out to help. If Nocturne was alone and in trouble I’d hope that someone would […]

Getting Nocturne Shipshape!

There’s still a hive of activity here aboard Nocturne. Today the humans have been continuing their washing marathon and airing everything out. Like most boats my darling Noccy does sometimes get a little damp, especially since we went through some quite rough weather during our 297 nautical mile round trip! I’m enjoying chilling out underneath […]

Under boat arrest!

Those of you who were surprised to see me outside yesterday were correct… That photo was taken a week ago before ‘the incident’. I’m actually still locked up up in prison! The humans are looking really pleased with themselves because they think they’ve come up with the purrfect way to keep me in… I’ll find […]

Bird watching

It’s impawtant to know when enough is enough!

Furiends I’m in BIG trouble! Yesterday I thought I’d play a game of hide and seek with dad. I ran off and jumped inside another boat, but he saw where I went. So I waited patiently sitting inside the boat for him to turn around, so I could run and hide again. There was a […]

Guardia di Finanza

We feel very safe in our marina because it’s very well protected and has a great security system. On our pontoon, however, we are extra safe because just opposite and along from us we have the Guardia di Finanza. I love watching them coming and going! They love me too because they always wave! The […]

Boiling in our marina.

Furiends I’m back in our home marina. Yesterday was a very long day! We set sail from Isola del Giglio at about 9.45am and arrived here in Rome at around 9.30 pm. We did around 70 nautical miles yesterday! It was a lovely day for a long sail and we all had fun. I spent […]