Sunshine snooping!

Furiends I got into trouble today for snooping. I was allowed outside for the first time in days and I just couldn’t resist running off and hopping on the boats opposite us. I did a leap up and down the whole pontoon, from one boat to the other, while the humans called for me to […]

Trouble vs treats!

I often get in trouble with the humans when we’re in the marina for this…. Completely unreasonable right? Well it’s because when I slink off like this, they know it means I’m on a mission to hop off our boat and go and explore other boats! My humans say that this is rude because not […]

Feather Friday!

This morning we had a welcome thunderstorm here in the marina which cooled things down for a little bit temporarily. It’s been very hot again this afternoon though. I found a feather which has been a great source of fun! The humans were laughing at me… But they haven’t quite yet learnt that it’s the […]

A little cycle to the port.

Mum went for a long cycle this afternoon after work because the weather’s been so good. I didn’t think much of it until she showed me the photos afterwards…. The bikes have baskets! Now that looks like a boat cat spot to me! Mum disagrees because she thinks that even with a harness on, I […]

Captain Tony’s retiring!

My best friend Captain Tony is retiring! He is one of the most interesting humans I know. He’s done everything! He knows everything there is to know about boats, and we trust and value his opinion. He’s given us all such helpful advice. Here he is… sailing with mum on my beloved Nocturne. And here […]

Marine + shop = crazy prices!

Yesterday the humans went looking at marinas around the coastline here in Nice. We are hoping that dad and Nocturne can move up here soon. They spent a lot of time in the marine shops… Which meant that Dad was happy… Mum likes the home sections too. She liked this… Until she saw the price! […]

Getting tied up in knots!

I’ve been busy playing practising knots. As you all know knots are very important for sailors because we have lots of lines and we use knots for all sorts of things. I think I’m getting the hang of it… Bisous Bailey

Is that summer coming?

Rain on the deck.

It’s a very wet and windy day here down in Rome. I popped my head outside to take a peak… And quickly decided it was too windy and it was going to be a duvet day. But as you all know, I love being outside so I tried poking my head out again to see […]