Ambassador at Sea!

Hi furiends! It’s Annabelle here! I’m absolutely honoured and delighted to inform you all that I am the newly appointed Ambassador at Sea for the Museum of Maritime Pets!   I’m wearing my badge with pride!     I’m so excited to go on dispatches and meet other maritime pets whilst spreading the word of […]

Museum of Maritime Pets News

Dear Furiends! It’s Bailey here! How are you all?  HAPPY CATURDAY! I’m having a wonderful time on the farm with evfurryone. I’m busy patrolling the house and I take granny and grandpa for regular walks around the field. I was absolutely honored and delighted to have a visit from my dear friend and Founder of […]

I got to see my dear furiend Pat today!

I’ve had a wonderful day today. I spent some time in the garden, I took several cat naps, I played with my toys AND I got to see my dear furiend Pat on Skype! It was pawesome! I even got to see Maggie! Felix was napping I think. It was so lovely to be able […]

Very lucky to have such pawesome furiends!

Furiends I’m so overwhelmed with how generous our dear friend Pat from the Museum of Maritime Pets is. These are all the other goodies that she sent us all the way across the pond… On top of what I’ve already shown you! There’s a beautiful nautical collar and a lead for April, but at the […]

April on the new boat with her new toys!

April has spent the day on the new boat with her new toys and I think you’ll agree it looks like she loves them! I think it’s so pawesome that the squeaky bouy says S.S.Canine! April loves the boat but even though these cool toys can float she’s still afraid of the water… I thought […]

Thank you so much Pat!

Furiends I’m so lucky to have such pawesome furiends, but especially lucky to have my dear furiend Pat! The women behind The Museum of Maritime Pets. She sent April a parcel of really lovely things to welcome her and of course she didn’t leave me out either. Tomorrow I’ll show you April with all of […]

Caturday Connections – Maggie and Felix

Furiends this week I have my pawesome furiends, the cats behind the human who created The Museum of Maritime Pets, Maggie and Felix! Welcome guys! As most of you know I’m the ambassador for the museum and I’m so honored that Maggie and Felix took time out of their busy schedule to join us today. […]

Thank you very much Pat and the Museum of Maritime Pets

Furiends I was so excited today to receive a parcel from my dear furiend Pat from the Museum of Maritime Pets! I’m very honoured to be the ambassador for the museum. It was supposed to arrive before Christmas, but as I’ve mentioned before, the Italian post is terrible! Since the Christmas decorations come down tomorrow, […]

My first Caturday as an Ambassador!

Happy Caturday furiends! I’ve had a wonderful day playing with all of my new toys! My new Dinghy Devil furiend and I discussed what we thought his name should be… …we decided on a VERY appropriate name! He shall now be known affectionately as Diablo! (Diablo means devil in Spanish!) We’re great furiends already! I’ve […]

I got mail!

I’m so excited today furiends because I received a parcel in the mail! It’s ALL the way from America from my lovely furiend Pat at the Museum of Maritime pets! Apparently my mum and Pat were getting a little concerned that I hadn’t received it because Pat sent it ages ago. The Italian postal system […]