Caturday Connections- emergency rescue with Gery

Dear furiends last night when the humans were out giving April a last chance to relieve herself before bed, they got involved with a rescue. They saw a cat struggling in the water! The cat was successfully pulled out and we cared for him overnight. I’m so happy that the story has a happy ending […]

April went into Rome!

Today I had a day off puppy training duties because I sent April to Rome with mum and Bobbie. It was a day of firsts for April. It was her first time on a bus, on a train, meeting new dogs and her first time in a loud city. She was very well behaved apparently […]

Beautiful Rome!

I’ve sent the humans out into beautiful Rome this evening because I want to make sure we enjoy it properly before we leave in a few months! After years in Rome the humans had never actually been into the Colosseum! So last week they went in and looked around and they even spotted a cat! […]

Human paw pandemic

Furiends now both of my humans are broken! Dad has also now got a really sore paw too! I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with them! I’m looking forward to this evening when the four travellers from Rome are coming to stay on the boat, they’ve told me they have a surprise […]

Moonlight magic!

Furiends we’re finally out of the marina! We’re heading north to the island of Elba! It’s going to take us about 16-18 hours, so it will be my first night time passage! I’m very excited about it as I’m sure it’s going to be purrfect for watching the stars! I, of course, have excellent night […]

Good times with good friends!

Mum has popped down to Rome for a quick visit and left me here in Nice. Mum and dad were invited to dinner last night with our good friends Carole and Guilliano. They had fish soup! I’m so jealous! I wish I was there. They’re our neighbours a few boats along the pontoon. I love […]

The best birthday cake EVER!

We arrived in Rome safely! Now I can finally show you the BIG surprise… It’s dad’s birthday cake! Isn’t it pawesome?! I love it! Dad’s also seen his other surprise… A treasure chest! His birthday presents are inside all locked away! On his birthday he’s got a quiz to do, to test his memory in […]

Good news and bad news!

I’m in Nice waiting to be chauffeured down to Rome to start our holiday. I’ve got itchy paws I’m so excited to sail off in Nocturne to beautiful islands and crystal clear waters. The plan was, as most of you know, to leave tomorrow around lunchtime… I’m not impressed because the humans have announced today […]

Final preparations and wonderful weather!

I’m so excited I could burst! I’m putting the finishing touches to my present for dad and doing the final preparations to be ready to leave. I’m looking forward to the journey from Nice to Rome and then obviously to our sailing holiday! It’s still a little way away but so far the weather’s looking […]

The car’s been to the vet today!

A week today mum and I leave Nice and head down to dad and my beloved Nocturne in Rome for our holidays! We have two weeks of sailing planned AND it’s dad’s birthday right in the middle! Mum chauffeurs me in our little French car, while I snuggle down safely in my travel box. We […]