Victorious after my vaccinations !

I’ve just got back from the vet. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m vaccinated against any nasty bugs that might try to attack me. There were a couple of dogs that were smaller than me! They were even pretty scared of me! I quite liked looking at all the posters […]

I’m very lucky!

I’m having so much fun this week. Mum’s mum is visiting and she brought mum and I treats and presents when she arrived… Here I am with mums new scarf and my new mouse and ball! Mum quite often goes for a cycle along the promenade. I hadn’t thought much about it until she showed […]

Fruity Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve had a great week! Mum’s left me in Nice to go down to Rome for the weekend, but I’m really excited to have extra fun with Elizabeth and my turtles! It means I get extra treats too! Hooray! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Bisous Bailey

Fangs for Friday!

Hooray it’s the weekend! Just a quick hello this evening because I’m busy chewing the best new treat ever…. Cat sticks! I can’t believe these little sticks of joy have only just come into my life! I wasn’t sure at first what they were… I had to be convinced! But once I had a proper […]

Cousin Chlobug has come to stay!

My cousin Chlobug has come to stay! I’m soo happy! She’s such a jet setter, she flew from Dublin to Rome all by herself yesterday to meet my dad. And then today she and dad flew to Nice, to be with mum and I! She’s pawesome! She gave me treats and then we had a […]

Suitcase security

My mum’s mum arrived last night and I’ve been busy investigating, and doing some thorough security checks, to make sure that her suitcase complies with my strict rules of the flat. I found these so she was permitted entry… Anyone that brings treats is granted a visa to my world straight away! Today they went […]

Snow problem in the West End!

The humans are back! They both managed to get on the first flights to Nice and Rome this morning without any hassle. Apparently it was still snowy, but they had snow problems getting back. Mum came and picked me up at lunchtime and since then I’ve been doing my cute routine and getting lots of […]

Captain Tony’s Birthday!

Yesterday was our friend Captain Tony’s birthday! So the humans went out for dinner to celebrate. When they came back to the boat I got to join in with the fun. Everybody had treats…. Then us boys got down to technical business and started to discuss the fuel tanks. We were looking at the possibility […]

The Boat Galley Cookbook photo-shoot!

We’ve had a fairly lazy day today aboard Nocturne, everyone was tired after a busy week. I had a small photo-shoot outside to show how much I love our new Boat Galley Cookbook because the lovely ladies that wrote it, from The Boat Galley and Commuter Cruiser, were happy with the first photo and we […]


I’m making the most of guy time and eating as many treats as I can before mum comes back from Nice. She only ever lets me have a couple but dad’s much more relaxed because he’s eating treats too! Mum’s due here in about two hours….. I wonder how many I can eat before then?! […]